Invoices (Basic): Manage Overdue Invoices

Learn how to stay on top of unpaid and overdue invoices. Change a due date, turn on automatic reminders, or email an overdue invoice manually.

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Changing the Due Date of Invoices

To choose the number of days before an invoice becomes overdue, go to Settings > Invoices from the left menu bar. Enter the number of days in the Days before invoices are marked overdue field of the Preferences section, then click Save.

Getting Notified About Overdue Invoices

To make sure you always receive an email and a notification in your Inbox+ when a client’s invoice becomes overdue, check your notification preferences for Invoices by going to My Account in Settings.

Finding Overdue Invoices

It’s easy to tell which invoices are overdue by looking at their statuses in the invoices list: They are highlighted black. You can also filter the invoice list to find all current overdue invoices:

Click the Filter button in the top-right corner of the page. To the right of Status, select the Unpaid and Overdue checkboxes, then click Apply.

Following Up With a Payment Reminder

Sometimes invoices get lost in a cluttered inbox or accidentally wind up in a spam folder. Fortunately, you can always send a friendly reminder to the client.

Set up an automatic reminder either while issuing the invoice or send one later. For example, filter your invoices list to display all overdue invoices, then edit selected ones and toggle on reminders. From here, you can also see how many reminders have already been sent out. For more details about reminders, go here.

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