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TaxDome gives you lots of tools to manage and keep track of your client’s invoices. Access all your invoices at once or just the invoices for a specific client. Filter a list of invoices, print or export them to a CSV file—and more.

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Your Invoice Page

To see the invoices for all your accounts, go to the Invoices page from the left sidebar. Here we will tell you about one-time invoices listed in the Invoices subtab. Or learn more about the Recurring invoices subtab.

To view invoices for one client, go to Clients, select the account, then go to the Invoices tab from their profile. The Invoices tab in the client profile is available to a firm owner, admin or any team member with Manage invoices access rights.

On the Invoices page, you’ll see these column headers:

  • #: Each invoice has a unique number
  • STATUS: 
    • Paid: green
    • Unpaid: red
    • In progress: yellow
    • Overdue: black (you can choose the number of days before an invoice becomes overdue)
  • ASSIGNED TO: The team member responsible for the invoice
  • POSTED: This is the date the invoice was issued
  • AMOUNT: This is the amount of the invoice
  • QUICKBOOKS: If you have synced TaxDome with QuickBooks Online, you’ll see the invoice sync status here.
    • Synced: the invoice is successfully synced. Click on the status icon to open the invoice in QuickBooks Online.
    • Not synced: the invoice is not synced. The service billed with this invoice could have been created before sync with QuickBooks Online.
    • Syncing: the invoice is being synced. This process takes time.
    • Failed: a sync error has occurred. Hover your mouse over the status icon to see the error text, then fix it.
    • Skipped: you skipped sync for this invoice.
  • CLIENT: This is the client being invoiced; click their name to go to their profile
  • PAID: Once the invoice is paid, the payment date, or time (if the same day), appears here
  • DESCRIPTION: If added when the invoice was created, a memo about the contents of the invoice appears here.]
  • LOCKED DOCS: These are the documents linked to an invoice; click the links to view them.]

The total number of invoices, the total invoices paid, and the total unpaid are displayed on the top left of the Invoice page. When the list is filtered, amounts are recalculated.

On the client  Invoices page, the dollar amount of their outstanding invoices and available credits are displayed.

Printing the Invoice list

Click the printer icon on the top right of the Invoices page to print the list.

By default, the Invoices list displays 25 per page. If you want to print more than 25, select the number in the Rows per page menu on the bottom left of the page before you print.

Your browser will offer to print the list; it will include the date and time.

Searching for an Invoice

To find specific invoices, type a keyword in the search field—an invoice number, the first/last name of the client, or the assigned team member—then press enter on your keyboard. 

Click the x in the search field to clear it.

Filtering a List of Invoices

Filters are useful when you need to find certain types of invoices. For example, filtering might allow you to quickly find all unpaid invoices. There are six ways to filter:

  • By account: See only the invoices issued for a specific client.

  • By time frame: See only the invoices issued during the last year or a specific number of days, months or years.

  • By amount: See only the invoices in the amount greater, equal to or less than a specific amount.

  • By status: See only the invoices that are paid or unpaid. When you select Unpaid, you are given an option to additionally display overdue invoices.

  • By payment method: See only the invoices that can be paid by the credit card, bank debit, or both.

  • By service: See only the invoices that include specific services.

To narrow down a list of invoices, click Filter in the top-right corner of the page, select the filters, then click Apply. Save your filter combinations as templates for future use. (Read more about using and applying filters.)

Sorting a List of Invoices

Sort invoices by status, date posted, date paid, amount, account or assigned team member. Click the up-down arrows next to the chosen column name to sort the list. The sorting option can also be applied after searching or filtering invoices.

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