Processing Manual Payments

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Most of the time, your payments will be processed in TaxDome. However, you might occasionally receive payments from your clients in the form of cash/check, using Square or other card processing services. To keep all of your payment information in one place, you can add information for cash and check payments manually. Once the payment is added the client will get credits in the system. You will need to settle the bill with them then. 

Manual payments can also be used to apply promotional credits you may want to add to a client's account.

Creating Manual Payments

To create a payment:

  • Click the +NEW button on the Sidebar, select Payment, then select the client from the list. You can see the five most recent clients here. If there is no client you are searching for among them, start typing their name, ID or email. You can also change the client’s name right in the payment creation window.

2. Select the date that the payment was made.

3. Enter the amount for the payment.

4. Select the payment type. If the payment was made by cash or check, select Offline Payment. If you wish to credit the client for a certain amount as part of a promotion, select Promotional Credit. Please note that promotional credits will not be included in the calculation of your total revenue.

5. Select which unpaid bills this payment should cover. Once you select the client’s name, you’ll see the list of the bills that have been issued for that client. You can click on the eye icon to see more details about a bill. 

Please note that the sum of the selected bills must be less than or equal to the total amount of the payment you are creating.

6. You may add an optional description (of up to 150 characters) outlining the purpose of the payment.

7. Select the Send client email notification check box if you would like to notify the client about the manual payment creation. 

8. Click Submit to create the manual payment.

Linking Manual Payments to Bills

Once the manual payment is created we don't know which bills it should cover. Thus, it creates a 'credit' in the client's account that you can use to settle invoices. This can be done from the client side or from the firm side.

To link client credit to an invoice, create a bill, then select the Settle bill with client credits? check box. 

To settle the existing bills with credits, 

  1. Go to Clients, click on the name of the client for whom you would like to settle a bill with credits, and navigate to Billings tab.
  2. Select the unpaid bill(s), then click Settle Bill with Credits.

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