Processing Manual Payments


By Mary Cooper

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In most cases, you will be able to process client payments directly through TaxDome. However, occasionally a client may want to make a payment in the form of a check or cash, using another card-processing service, such as Square. To keep all your payment information in one place, you can add information for cash and check payments manually. This is called creating a manual payment. Once a payment is added this way, the client will have credits on TaxDome. Those credits will then need to be applied to settle the client’s bill(s).

And you can also use the manual-payment feature to give a client promotional credits (see below).

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Creating Manual Payments

To manually record a payment not made directly on TaxDome (e.g., via cash or check), follow these instructions:

1. Click the +NEW button in the blue sidebar, select Payment from the pull-down menu, then find the client whose payment you need to add manually. You will see your five most recent clients in a list on the pop-up window. If you don’t see the client you are looking for in the list, type their name, ID or email in the search field. 

Please note: If the manual payment you’re adding is for a different client than the one you originally chose, you can always specify another in the Create Manual Payment window that follows (See how).

2. Select the date the payment was made.

3. Enter the amount of the payment.

4. Select the payment type. If the payment was made by cash or check, select Offline Payment. If you wish to credit the client a certain amount as part of a promotion, select Promotional Credit. You can also use promotional credits to charge the client's balance prior issuing a refund

Please note: Promotional credits will not be included in the calculation of your total revenue.

5. Select the unpaid bill(s) the payment should apply to. Once you select the client’s name, you’ll see the list of bills issued to that client. You can click on the eye icon to see more details about a bill.

Please note: The sum of the selected bill(s) must be less than or equal to the total amount of the payment you are creating.

6. You can add an optional description (of up to 150 characters) outlining the purpose of the payment.

7. Select the Send client email notification checkbox if you would like to notify the client about the manual payment. 

8. Click Submit to create the manual payment.

Changing a Client's Name During Creating a Payment/Promotional Credit

Usually, you select the client's name before creating a payment. However, sometimes it is the reverse:

  • If you clicked +NEW button and then selected Payment while inside a client’s profile, you probably are looking to create a payment for that particular client. That’s why the next step will be creating a payment without the client-selection option. 

  • If you mistakenly selected the wrong client.

You can still choose another client’s name once the Create manual payment pop-up comes up. Click the client's name at the top of the window. You’ll see a list containing your five most recent clients. If the one you are looking for does not appear there, type their name, ID, or email into the search field. 

Linking Manual Payments to Bills

Once a manual payment has been created, you must decide what bill(s) it should cover. In the meantime, you will have  “credit” in the client’s account that can be used to settle their invoices. This can be done from either the client’s side or  yours.

To settle existing bill(s) with credit, 

  1. Go to Clients, find the client whose bill(s) would like to settle  by applying credits, click on the client’s name, then navigate to the Billings tab.

  2. Select the unpaid bill(s), then click the SETTLE BILL WITH CREDITS button.

If a client already has credits, they will be automatically applied at a time of bill creation.


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