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If you invoice your clients via TaxDome, get paid through QuickBooks Online, and then add manual payments on TaxDome, handling things right is crucial to avoid ending up with duplicate payments. This guide is here to help you to keep your records clean. You can choose whether you want to set up sync options for each payment separately or have the default setting configured for all payments you create.

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Setting up the default setting for syncing payments

If your invoicing and payment flow is constant, it's a good idea to set up a sync setting for the payments that could be used by default for all future payments created. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the QuickBooks subtab of the Integrations tab within the Settings section
  2. Here you can toggle on the By default, sync manually created payments with QuickBooks setting under Payments to enable or disable this feature according to your preferences

When the toggle is disabled, payments manually created within TaxDome won't synchronize with QuickBooks Online, preventing duplicate payment entries.

Choosing the payment sync setting for manual payment

You can also change sync settings for every payment you create:

1. Locate the Sync this payment to QuickBooks checkbox under the Description box.

2. By default, this checkbox will follow the configuration set in QuickBooks settings.

3. If you wish to change the synchronization status of the payment, you can manually check/clear the checkbox during payment creation.

You can always check the sync status of the payments in the QUICKBOOKS column of the payment list.


Tip! If you received a payment via QuickBooks Online, you can note this in the Description field. This helps provide context for the payment and how it was received.

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