Offline Payments and Promotional Credits

You can add information for cash and check payments manually if a client made a payment in the form of a check, cash, or using another card-processing service, such as Square. 

This is called creating a manual payment. Once a payment is added this way, the client will have credits on TaxDome. Those credits will then need to be applied to settle the account’s bill(s). You can also use the manual-payment feature to give a client promotional credits (see below).

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Creating Manual Payments or Promotional Credits

A manual payment can be done by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to create manual payments.

To manually record a payment not made directly on TaxDome (e.g., via cash or check), follow these instructions:

1. Click the + NEW button in the blue sidebar, select Payment from the slide-out menu, then enter the amount of the payment.

2. Select the payment type:

  • Offline Payment: Use this for payments made by cash, check, or credit card. The selected payment type will be sent to QuickBooks
  • Promotional Credit: Use this when you want to give the client credit as part of a promotion. Promotional credits will not be included in the calculation of your total revenue. These payments are also not synced with QuickBooks. 

3. Add a description (up to 150 characters) outlining what the payment is for.

4. That’s it! Click Submit to create the manual payment.

Plus, you can also...

  • ...change the date of the payment. By default, the current date is set.
  • the unpaid bill(s) the payment should apply to. Once you select the client account, you’ll see the list of bills issued to that client. The sum of the selected bill(s) must be less than or equal to the total amount of the payment you are creating.

  • ...notify the client about the manual payment by selecting the Send client email notification checkbox.

What Clients See When You Create Payments or Promotional Credits

Your client can see promotional credits and manual payments in the Home section of their portal. These funds can be used to pay existing bills. 

You can access a read-only view of client account portal to see TaxDome from the client’s side.

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