Invoices (Basic): Share With Third Parties


This page applies to TaxDome Pro! pricing plan only. You can upgrade anytime.

If you need to send an invoice to a contact who is either linked to an account but does not receive notifications or not linked to the account at all, you can do it manually. Here’s how to send invoices to third parties:

1. Either select the checkbox next to the invoice(s) in the account’s client profile, then click the  Send Email with Selected Invoices button or click the three-dots icon to the right of the invoice, then click Send Invoice by Email.

2. Check the invoice information, then type a custom message to the recipient (optional).

3. Click Add Another Email Address, then type the desired email addresses.

4. Then click Submit to send the invoice. Note that the contact will need to log in to their TaxDome account to pay the invoice. 

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