Automove (Basic): Sending Invoices & Link to Jobs

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You can have your invoices created automatically. Also, your jobs can automatically move to the next stage of the pipeline once the client pays the invoice liked to it. To make the automation magic happen, set up the Create Invoice automation and turn on the Automove feature.

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Set up automations for the invoicing stage and enable automove

Speaking about automated invoices, the process usually goes as following:

1. If you want your invoices to be sent automatically, you always need to have a template. If you don't have one, you can create one by clicking New Template when you add the automation.

2. Make sure you have a stage in your pipeline for invoices, then add the Create Invoice automation. Once the job enters this stage, the invoice is automatically sent to the client. At the same time, it is automatically linked to the job. 

3. Make sure the automove jobs toggle for the stage is turned on. This way, once the client pays, the job is automatically moved to the next stage.

Link invoice to a job manually

Invoices can be linked to jobs by a firm owner, admin, or any employee who has been given access rights to manage invoices. Once the invoice is manually linked, the automove jobs feature works the same as for invoices sent and linked automatically: when the client pays, the job is moved to the next stage.

There are three ways to link an invoice manually:

  • From the invoice creation/editing screen: Click the Add link, then Link to Jobs, and select jobs. Once linked, the Jobs section is displayed. You can see the job title and the pipeline it belongs to.
  • From the invoices list: Click the three-dots icon to the far right of the invoice, select Link to Jobs, then select the jobs from the list, and click Submit.
  • From a pipeline: Make sure that the job is in the right stage, click the job box, then + Link on the top right, select Invoices, then choose the invoices. You can link any invoices previously sent to the client account.


Note! If the invoice is not paid and you manually move the job to another stage, you’ll be prompted to decide what to do about the pending invoice (for more details, read about handling unfinished elements when moving jobs).

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