Adding Team Members

By Mary Cooper

updated 17 days ago

Your Team Members are your firm’s employees. To create a Team Member account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Team & Plans, then click Add team member.

2. Enter the employee's personal details: first name, middle name, last name, and email. 
3. Grant your employee access to their new account. This setting may be modified at any time.


5. The next step depends on your status and availability of licences:

  • If you're still in your TaxDome trial, the account is automatically created. It can be used without any limitations till firm's trial expires. 
  • If you have already bought your firm subscription, you'll be prompted to add additional license for the new user. Select between annual and monthly license (read more on them here), then click CONFIRM.

  • If you have available user licenses (it's possible to free up ones by deactivating team members who are not working at your firm anymore), you will be able to use them (no need to pay for the additional one). Or, if you are adding temp team member, you always can pay for monthly licence for them and leave your free annual licence for other employee. 

Once your employee’s account has been created, the system will send them an activation request by email. They will need to accept this request and create a password in order to activate their account.

Once their account has been activated, your employee will be able to access their account by going to your firm's TaxDome URL and entering their email address and password.

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