How to Add TaxDome Login Link to Your Website


By Mary Cooper

updated 3 months ago

Your Login Link

Your clients can access your firm's information by utilizing the TaxDome App on their mobile phones, or via your portal on their computer.

Your unique login page is For example, if your taxdome URL is, your login page is

You can add a link to your website by simply adding a button with this URL. If you are using the TaxDome Website builder, see Building Your Site for tips & tricks. Don't forget, you can customize your login page with your firm's branding. 

Custom Domain URL

By utilizing your own web domain, you can remove from the address.

For example - if you own the domain name of - you can make it so that your login page is

Please see: Setting up Custom Domain

As a reminder, your clients can utilize the mobile app on their phones to get instantaneous access to your firm.

Taxdome App on Apple Taxdome App on Google Play

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