Need Help Setting Up Your Custom Domain or Landing Page?

Are you finding it a bit challenging to set up your custom domain and landing page? Our support team is happy to do it for you. We’ll first need to get access to parts of your TaxDome portal (e.g., site builder and custom domain settings). 

To let us help you, navigate to Settings, go to Firm Settings, enable the Allow editor to log in toggle in the Editor Access pane, then click SAVE

Note: By default, access is given for one week, but you can select a different amount of time.

What to Do Next if You Want Us to Set Up Your Custom Domain

1. Share your domain access with our support team. Nearly all domain registrars allow sharing access to your domain with another user. Once you’ve shared it with, we’ll be able to set up your DNS—but we won’t be able to see or change your account information, such as payment methods and passwords. 

Refer to your domain registrar’s specific instructions:

Unfortunately, some domain registrars don’t provide access to DNS settings to any user but the site owner. If that is the case, you can set up your DNS for yourself or share your account information with us and change your password when we're done. 

2. Fill in the form to let us know that you’re ready—and we’ll take it from there. 

What to Do Next if You Want Us to Set Up Your Landing Page

1. Fill in the form to let us know about your landing preferences so we can customize it to your liking. You’ll also need to upload the photos, logos, and other graphic elements you want on the page. If you have an existing website you want to use, you’ll be able to provide the link.

Note: This service is offered only to TaxDome users with paid subscriptions.

2. Your site will be hosted on your TaxDome firm’s URL. If you want to use a custom domain instead, you’ll first need to purchase your own domain (, and then set it up so that it points to your website on TaxDome.

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