🔧 Assistance: I Want You to Set Up My Landing Page


This page is for TaxDome Pro users only. Upgrade at any anytime!

Having a website is a valuable thing for any legit business, but creating one might be hard or expensive, or both. Our customer support is here to help you for free. Share your vision with us, and we'll do everything else. 

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings, then Firm Settings. In the Editor Access pane, toggle on Allow Support Team to set up landing, then click Save.


Note! By default, access is given for one month, but you can select a different amount of time.

Your TaxDome support person will be able to view and edit data in the Custom Domain pane and Site section of your firm’s portal Settings section.

2. Fill in the form to let us know about your landing preferences so we can customize them to your liking. You’ll also need to upload the photos, logos, and other graphic elements you want on your page. If you have an existing website you want to use, you’ll need to provide the link.

3. Your site will be hosted on your TaxDome firm’s URL. If you want to use a custom domain instead, you’ll first need to purchase your domain (www.domain.com) and set it up so that it points to your website on TaxDome. We can surely help with that, too.

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