Custom Domains: Troubleshooting

Here, we troubleshoot issues that might come up when setting up your custom domain on TaxDome. We give you the problems you might encounter and the quick fixes you’ll need.  

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My Custom Domain Is No Longer Working

If you’ve set up a custom domain but then it suddenly stops working, it’s because sometimes registrars don’t confirm that the DNS is working. Check to see if your CNAME works here and contact your registrar if it doesn’t.

When you create a CNAME with your registrar and add it as your custom domain in your TaxDome account, we check that it works and tell you when it’s ready. Then we continuously check with the registrar that the CNAME is still valid. If we don't get an answer from your DNS provider, we try to check three more times to eliminate a temporary problem. 

If the CNAME is no longer valid, we remove it on the TaxDome side, so it stops working. If it had happened, we send a system notification to the firm owner's email. 

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