🔧 Assistance: I want you to set up my custom domain

By utilizing a standalone web domain, you can remove .taxdome.com from the address. For example - if you own the domain name Sampletax.com - you can make it so that your login page is sampletax.com/app. We'll help set up that cost-effective solution with ease.

Follow these steps:

1. Share your domain access with our support team. Nearly all domain registrars allow sharing access to your domain with another user. Once you’ve shared it with help@taxdome.com, we’ll be able to set up your DNS—but we won’t be able to see or change your account information, such as payment methods and passwords.

Refer to your domain registrar’s specific instructions:


Tip! Unfortunately, some domain registrars don’t provide access to DNS settings to any user but the site owner. If that is the case, set up your DNS for yourself or share your account information with us and change your password when we're done.

2. Fill in the form to let us know that you’re ready—then we’ll take it from there.

To assist you, your TaxDome support person will be able to view and edit data in the  Custom Domain pane of the Settings > Firm settings page and the Settings > Site builder page of your firm’s portal.

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