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We know that a learning curve is required to use TaxDome to the fullest, expecially for the big firms. For that reason, we are happy to help in a screen-sharing session for all firms that have 2+ user licenses. You can book this session either during the sign-up process or at any point later on. Here are a few options. 

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Set up your implementation session during registration

You can book your implementation session during the registration process:

  1. Choose language. At the start of your registration process, select the language you prefer for the session. This ensures effective communication during the consultation.
  2. Choose a time zone. During registration, indicate your time zone. This ensures that available session slots align with your local time.
  3. Pick a date. As part of the registration process, browse the calendar for highlighted blue dates, indicating availability.
  4. Select a time slot. On your chosen date, pick a time slot that suits your schedule.
  5. Confirm booking. After selecting your time slot, finalize your booking by clicking the Confirm button.

Done. You can now wait for the implementation session or start exploring our product on your own.


Note! You will not be able to book an implementation session if you are the only team member.

Set up your implementation session after registration

If you missed scheduling your implementation session during registration, no worries! You can still set it up after:

1. Log into TaxDome and click on the question mark help button in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click Schedule 1:1 training

You’ll get prompted to select a meeting format:


Note! The implementation session is available for firms with 2+ licenses only. If you are the only team member, you can register for webinar instead.

2. Once you select the meeting format, choose the language, date and time for the call: 

3. When you’re done, click  Confirm to the right of the selected time and then Schedule event in the pop-up window.

You have completed the necessary steps. You can either wait for the implementation session or begin exploring TaxDome on your own.

To see your scheduled sessions, click the  Upcoming events link:

Changing your booking 

Need to change the time of your session? Follow these steps to easily change your booking:

1. Click the X button located within the Upcoming events section of the calendar or within the dedicated tab in the top-right corner.

2. Go back and click Choose time inside the 45-minute implementation window.

3. Click any highlighted blue date and select an appropriate time slot. Finalize the booking by clicking the Confirm button.

That's it! You have successfully changed the date or time of your booking.

Canceling the scheduled session

To cancel the scheduled session, click the  Upcoming events link, then click x to the right of the scheduled session:

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