🔧 Assistance: I Want You to Help With Clients Import

If you have a huge client list and you hardly imagine moving it to our system, then use our free assistance. We'll be happy to transfer your clients to the TaxDome portal. 

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Firm Settings from the left menu bar. In the Editor Access pane, toggle on Allow Support Team to Log In with Owner-like permissions, then click Save.


Note! By default, access is given for one month, but you can select a different amount of time.

2. Complete the TaxDome Import Assistance form to let us know that you’re ready—then we’ll take it from there in up to five business days. 

Your TaxDome support person will be able to view and edit data in these sections of your firm’s portal:

  • Insights
  • New button (create any item via this button)
  • Invoices, Payments, Time Entries
  • Clients (Accounts, Contacts)
  • Workflow (Pipelines, JobsTasks)
  • Inbox+ (To Do, Archived)
  • Settings (My account, Firm settings, Team & Plans, Integrations, Firm balance (audit trail only), Tags, Templates, Pipelines, Site, Custom Fields)
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