Mobile App for Firms (Android & iOS): Overview

The TaxDome mobile app for firms for Android & iOS does not replicate the TaxDome Web application. Instead, it is intended to help enhance your communication with clients by integrating TaxDome onto your mobile device. 

With the mobile app, you can do all of this:

  • Access your firm’s CRM from anywhere: view, create and edit accounts and contacts — and see all activity associated with accounts
  • View and upload client documents on your mobile device.
  • Communicate with clients via secure chat: Chats section within each account to send secure messages, manage client tasks and exchange documents.
  • View your firm’s activity in your Inbox.
  • Have adjustable push notifications: choose whether you want to receive automatic notifications when clients perform certain actions.
  • Use Face ID and Touch ID for an extra layer of security.

You can download the app for your system directly via the buttons below:


Note! We don't support the TaxDome Web application on mobile.

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