Mobile App: Working with contacts

The Contacts screen lets you search your TaxDome contacts, see their details, email them, and call them in one touch.

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Viewing and changing contacts

On the Contacts screen, you’ll see all your contacts in alphabetical order. Tap a contact’s name to view its details. You can edit any contact information, including custom fields.

Creating a contact

From the Contacts section, tap Create and fill in the details.

Also, you can link your new contacts to their corresponding accounts. While creating the contact, scroll down to the Linked account section, tap on the plus button and select the account you need.

Searching for contacts

From the Contacts section, tap the search button and type a keyword in the field. Or tap the search button from any other section and select Contacts under the search field.

Filtering contact list

When searching for contacts, tap the filter icon and select one or several tags. The  Contacts list will then be narrowed to your specifications.

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