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Chat with clients from wherever you are. Quickly access client messages, assign client tasks, view and upload documents — all from your mobile.

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Creating new chats

From the Inbox screen, tap the New chat button. Choose a client, write a message, then tap Create.

Instead of writing messages from scratch, you can apply a chat template. To do so, create templates from the web app first.

Responding to messages

Once you’ve got a new message, you’ll see a notification on the Inbox screen. Tap on the notification to open the thread and respond to the message.

Another way to view chats is to open a client's account from the Accounts page and find the Chats tab there. Threads in this tab are sorted chronologically by the latest response. They show the subject and the amount of completed client tasks. Unread threads have a red badge with the number of unread messages and unchecked tasks.

Tap on a thread to open it. There, you can read and write messages. Also, you can attach media to your messages: 

Client tasks in chats

Client tasks are checklists you provide clients with inside your chats. To add them, go to the Tasks tab from a chat thread with a client. There you can add new tasks, check out completed ones, or delete them.

Documents in chats

One of the greatest Chats features is exchanging documents inside it. You can:

  • Upload files from your device
  • Take a photo of the paper document 
  • Share the files that are already stored in client portal

Uploading and sharing files inside chats works t he same way as in Documents.

All documents uploaded via chat threads are stored in client account and can be found both inside the client's  Documents and inside the Attached tab of chat thread. Tap a file to open it or long tap to open the menu where you can edit, move, print, download and remove the file.

In the Attached tab of any thread, you can find all the files sent to it. Tap a file to open it or long tap to open the menu where you can edit, move, print, download and remove the file.

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