Mobile App: Working with accounts


Search your TaxDome accounts, find out and edit essential information about them including their linked contacts and portal access settings - all from your mobile.

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Viewing and changing accounts and linked contacts

On the Accounts screen, you’ll see all your accounts in alphabetical order. Tap the account name to view the essential information about each account:

  • Client type (individual, company or other).
  • Tags applied to the account.
  • Team members assigned to the account.
  • Account custom fields.
  • Contacts linked to the account. 

You can edit all the information listed above and also change the account's profile photo. For linked contacts, you can provide additional emails, send invitations to portal access, change their notification preferences, turn on the email sync, reset their passwords, disable signatory authority or unlink contact from account.

To do so, tap on the three dots and choose Edit button. Move to the next screen to change info about account or linked contacts. 

Creating an account

Tap Create account button from the Inbox screen or Create button from the Accounts screen.

There you can choose the account type, fill in account info, and link contacts along with portal access setiings.

Archiving accounts

If you don't work with a client anymore, you can archive an account. Once you do, it will disappear from the Account list. You will be able to access it from the web app only.

To archive an account, tap the three dots in the top right corner while you are viewing account, and choose the Archive option.

Searching for accounts

From the  Accounts section, tap the search button and type a keyword in the field. Or tap the search button from any other section and select Accounts under the search field.

Filtering account list

When searching for accounts, tap the filter icon and select filtering criteria. You can select one or several tags or filter accounts by their chat status. There are accounts with:

  • Active message threads.
  • Unread threads. Chats are considered unread for those who participate in them but haven’t read them yet.
  • Archived threads.

When you tap the Show button after applying filters, the Accounts list will be narrowed to your specifications.

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