Deleting & Archiving Accounts

Sometimes you might need to delete an account. Perhaps you created it as a test or the client is no longer with you—whatever the reason, you don’t need it. Other times, you might want to keep an account to have access to its contents, but you no longer want to see it in your list of accounts. Here, we explain how to do both. 

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Deleting Accounts

Remember, once you delete an account, you can’t go back— all of the files and data are gone, and you won’t be able to recover them.

Note: Linked contacts are not deleted when accounts are removed. Go here to find instructions on how to delete contacts.

Accounts can be deleted by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage accounts. You can delete an account from a client profile or delete several at a time from the Accounts list.

  • Go to Clients, select the checkbox next to the accounts you want to remove, click on the three-dots icon in the menu bar, click Delete, then click CONFIRM. To select all accounts, select the topmost checkbox. 

  • You can also navigate to the Info tab of a client’s profile, click on the pencil icon to the right of Account Details, click on Delete account link, then confirm the action by typing “DELETE" in all caps. Then click the DELETE button.

Archiving Accounts

TaxDome doesn’t have an archiving feature for accounts yet (it’s on our list!), but you can do this:

  • Apply a specific tag to the account that is no longer active. For more details about creating and assigning tags, go here.
  • Then remove portal access for all emails linked to the account by turning off the LOGIN toggles in the accounts' Info tab (for more details, go here). This way, users will not be able to log in to the client portal, but you’ll still have access to the account’s data.
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