Deactivating & Restoring Team Members

If your staff changes in the middle of a subscription cycle, you can deactivate a previous team member’s account to free up an annual licence for a new employee. Monthly licences, however, cannot be transferred like annual ones. And a deactivated team member’s account can always be restored when needed.

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Deactivating a Team Member's Account

As the owner of a firm, you can deactivate the account of an employee who is not currently working on the team. That person’s data will not be permanently removed, so their account can always be restored at any time if they join the team again. Once you deactivate the team member’s account, the following takes place:

  • The user license (either annual or monthly) becomes available for another team member.

  • The login to the account is disabled.

  • Client assignments become unlinked from the account.

  • Revenue metrics are removed.

  • Their email account in unsynced. You will not be able to view their emails in TaxDome.

    If you are hiring seasonal members, we recommend that you use a shared email address for them that you (ie - so that the emails remain even when your temp staff shift

  • Accounts assigned solely to this employee are r eassigned to the default assignee(s).

To deactivate a team member’s account:

1. Go to Settings, open the Team & Plans tab, click on the vertical three dots icon to the far right of the team member’s name, then click Edit.

2. Click Deactivate Team Member, then click the DEACTIVATE button in the pop-up. 

You can always see how many annual and monthly licenses you have available by navigating to Settings and opening the Team & Plans tab.

Deactivated Team Members Accounts List

Once the account of a team member is deactivated, the employee’s personal info is moved to the Deactivated Team Members tab. There you can:

  • Sort the list of deactivated team member accounts by employee name, account-creation date, or account-deactivation date.

  • Restore a team member’s account.

Restoring a Team Member's Account

To restore a team member’s account, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the Settings, select the Team & Plans tab, then open the Deactivated Team Members subtab.

2. Click RESTORE next to the team member’s name, then click RESTORE in the confirmation pop-up.

3. The next step will depend on your current TaxDome status and whether you have any available annual licenses:

  • If your TaxDome trial has not yet expired, the team member is automatically restored. They will be able to use their account without any limitations till the firm’s trial period ends. 
  • If you’ve already bought your firm’s subscription, you’ll be prompted to add an additional license for the restored user. Depending on what that team member will need, select either an annual or monthly license (read more about these here), then click the RESTORE button.

  • If an available annual or monthly license already exists, you will be able to use it for the restored team member. There will be no need to purchase a new one. Or if you are restoring the account of a temporary team member, you can use a monthly license for them and leave the available  annual license for someone else.  

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