Deactivating & Restoring Team Members

By Mary Cooper

updated 17 days ago

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Deactivating Team Members

As a firm owner, you can always deactivate the team members that are no longer your employees. After an employee is deactivated:

  • Their login is disabled
  • All of their clients' assignments are unlinked
  • All revenue metrics are removed
  • Their annual user license becomes available to use for another team members
  • Their monthly user license (if any) is cancelled.

However, the employee information is not removed permanently and can be restored at any time.

To deactivate a team member:

  1. Go to Settings > Team & Plans, then click the ellipsis icon and click Edit next to the employee's name.
  2. Click Deactivate Team Member, then click DEACTIVATE in the pop-up. 

You can always see how many available annual licences you have by navigating to Settings > Team & Plans tab.

Note that if you're deactivating a user which have monthly licence it is cancelled. In the event that this user is restored later, you will need to buy new monthly or annual licence for them. 

Managing Deactivated Team Members

Once an employee is deactivated, their info is moved to the Deactivated Team Members tab. Here you can:

  • Sort the deactivated employees list by name, account creation or account deactivation date.
  • Restore the team member.

Restoring Team Members

To restore a team member:

1.Go to the Settings > Team & Plans > Deactivated Team Members tab.

2. Click RESTORE next to the employee name, then click RESTORE in the confirmation pop-up.

3. The next step depends on your status and availability of licences:

  • If you're still in your TaxDome trial, the employee is automatically restored. They can use their account without any limitations till firm's trial expires. 
  • If you have already bought your firm subscription, you'll be prompted to add additional license for the restored user. Select between annual and monthly license (read more on them here), then click RESTORE.

  • If you have available user licenses, you will be able to use them (no need to pay for the additional one). Or, if you are restoring temp team member, you always can pay for monthly licence for them and leave your free annual licence for other employee.  

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