TaxDome Subscription (Basic): Renew, Update, Cancel

TaxDome consistently helps you organize and automate your practice. We want to keep it that way, which is why your subscription automatically renews. You can update or cancel at any time.

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How automatic renewal works

Your subscription is automatically renewed on your renewal date. All users who are active as of the renewal date are renewed.

Your TaxDome Pro subscription will renew with a 1-year license. You can also update it for 3-year or 2-year licenses to save up to 25% as a discount ( currently available in the US only). Here's more info on multi-year licenses.

Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed after one month following the initial date of purchase. A monthly subscription that is not linked to any team member is automatically canceled at the end of the period.


Note! You must apply changes to your subscription plans (i.e. deactivate annual team member licenses, select the multi-year plan for each of them) before the renewal date. Otherwise, you would need to pay full price for every subscription you currently have.

If you’re the firm owner, we’ll start notifying you about your expiring subscription 30 days before the renewal date. 

Change credit card information

The information for the credit card used to pay for your firm’s subscription and your KBA credits are stored in our secure payment processor, Stripe. If you decide to buy additional subscriptions, renew your annual and/or monthly subscriptions, or buy additional KBA credits, you don’t have to enter your credit card information again. You can change your billing information at any time.

  1. Navigate to Settings, then go to the Team & Plans tab.
  2. Click the three dots on the far right, select Change payment method, then enter the new credit card details.
  3. Click Save.

Pay a past-due subscription

Your subscription can become locked if the renewal charge or the additional team member license payment fails. When this happens, you, your team and your clients lose access to TaxDome and can't access the web portal anymore until the payment method is updated. Also, your team members' monthly subscriptions won't be renewed and charged.

If the card we have on file cannot be charged (e.g., due to insufficient balance), you will see a notification after signing in.

To process your license renewal or activate a new team member, click the Update Payment Method, then enter the new card details and click Save.

As you proceed with the license renewal, you will also be charged for team members' monthly subscriptions in case you have any.


Note! Payment of past-due subscription does not change your renewal date.

Cancel your TaxDome subscription

TaxDome subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled. If you wish to cancel your TaxDome subscription:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then go to the Team & Plans tab.
  2. Click the three dots on the far right, select Cancel subscription, then submit the form.

Please cancel at least one business day prior to the renewal date.


Heads up: Export all your data if you wish not to renew or to cancel your subscription. Here's how back up your data.

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