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Client List Overview

Clients are your greatest asset, so it’s very important to be able to easily manage them. Just go to the Clients tab to see all your clients.

The following info is available here:

  • ID. Each client has its own unique ID. If the ID icon is green, the client is active. If the ID icon is grey, the client is pending activation.
  • Name. Client’s first and last name.
  • Bills. The total amount of the client’s invoices.
  • Credits. The money available to the client for paying their future bills.
  • Tasks. The number of tasks pending for the client. 
  • Team. Firm employees working with the client. Each client can have several accountants.
  • Tags. Internal labels that help with client filtering
  • Requests. The unsolved requests that have been sent to the client. You can see if the requests are either unread or pending.
  • Last Login. The date of the last login to TaxDome.

Searching for Clients with Personal Info

To search for a client, type their first name, last name or email in the Search field at the top of the list, then press Enter.

The client list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters.

Note that you can also search for clients instantly from the Sidebar. Sidebar search will work anywhere in the system. 

Filtering the Client List

Filters are useful when you need to see clients that meet specific criteria. For example, you can quickly find clients that are managed by specific team members, that have never logged in, have overdue bills/tasks, or have documents that need to be approved.

To filter your client list:

  1. Click the Filter button
  2. Use filtering by team members, bills status, requests status, tasks status, last login date, approvals, or tags. You can use all of the filters or just some of them.
  3. Click Apply filter.

The client list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters. 

Sorting the Client List

Sometimes it is more handy to sort the list rather than using the filtering. Besides, the sorting option can also be used with the search and filtering functions.

You can sort the list by client last name, ID or last login. Click the arrow icon next to the appropriate row to sort the list.

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