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By Mary Cooper

updated about 18 hours ago

Messages are chat threads you can exchange with your clients, securely. Messages are helpful because they are organized neatly within the client profile, and you can always see how many threads are currently open. Once you have the information you need, you can resolve the thread so it doesn't clutter your view. However, it is neatly organized in the Resolved section, so you can revisit at any time. Two years from now, you won't have to search long email threads amongst thousands of other e-mails, but you can find what you need organized within the client quickly and easily.

Here's what important to know about Messages in TaxDome:

  • A message can be created either by you or by your client account. You ask the client a question, or ask them to provide you with a file or piece of information that you need in order to proceed with your engagement.
  • Both you and your client can attach files to the messages.
  • The client account receives a notification that a question is pending and then answers the message and/or uploads the required files.
  • Once your client account has responded to your message or created a new one, you will get an email and a notification in your Inbox+.
  • All messages and files regarding each message are stored in one place and can be reviewed at any time.
  • Once you’ve received the information you need, you mark the message as resolved.

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