CRM (Advanced): Customize client portal

You can enable or disable certain options for your clients. If you choose to activate them, clients will have access to additional features on the main page of their portal and in the client app. Here, we will cover what options you can make available to your clients.

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Make prepayment

Let your clients pay in advance to have credits on their account -- so that invoices can be paid the moment they were issued.

If the Prepayment feature is enabled, your clients see the Make prepayment link in the Quick links section of their dashboard and in the mobile app. Learn more on how to manage prepayment settings.

Done uploading

By using this feature, you provide an easy way for your clients to let you know that they’re done uploading all the documents that are required from them. 

When you enable this option, the Done Uploading button appears on the client portal Home and Documents page as well as in the mobile app. Learn more on managing uploading settings.
You can also enable the I'm completely done uploading checkbox in the document upload menu. This allows clients to select a checkbox in the upload window to notify you when they have finished uploading their last requested document. Here's more on uploading settings

Book appointment

You have the option of letting your clients book appointments with your team directly through the portal. Once the booking service is set up in Integrations, your clients will see the Book appointment option on the Home page of their portal. More on setting up appointment tools

Firm announcement

You can add an announcement to the client portal. Once added, it will appear on the client's web and mobile Home page, as well as in notifications each time the client logs in. Learn more about firm announcements.

New chat thread creation

By default, clients can initiate new chat threads like team members, either from the client portal or mobile app. If this feature is enabled in the client portal, your clients will see the  New chat button on the web home page on the Chats & tasks page and the Message firm button on the mobile app.

However, sometimes, it is undesirable because clients create new chat threads instead of replying to the current one. You can disallow clients from creating new chat threads by going to  Firm settings > Chats and toggling off Allow clients to create new chat threads. This way, the button will be hidden. 

Organizer creation

You can allow your clients to create organizers from their portal. Since organizers are always based on templates, it’s up to you which templates should be available for the self-service. If you have enabled this feature for at least one organizer template, your clients will see the New Organizer button on the Organizers page of their portal. 

Learn more about enabling clients to create their own organizers.


Work in progress (Client-facing status of the job)

You can allow your clients to track the job progress by using the client-facing job statuses. Moreover, you can automate updating these statuses to ensure it is always up-to-date. This way, you can eliminate the need for calls and messages with updates.

If you enable this feature, your clients will see the Work in progress section in the web portal and the mobile app. Learn more about client-facing job statuses.

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