CRM (Advanced): Make Announcements to Your Clients

Simplify client communication with firm announcements. Discover easy steps to create, edit, and delete announcements.

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Firm announcements, explained

Sometimes it is needed to share important information with your clients. These announcements will be displayed in the client portal when they log in. The notification will be shown on each page until the client closes it or clicks  Read more. If the client clicks read more, the full announcement will be shown in the sidebar.

After the client reads the announcement, the notification won't appear until the next login, but the announcement will always be accessible on the client's Home page.

Creating firm announcements

To create a firm announcement follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Firm settings tab and click Create announcement in the Client portal announcement section.

2. In the Create announcement sidebar, add the announcement Title and Description. If you want your announcement to be removed on a specific date, select the date in the Remove announcement after field. Afterward, click Publish. Once published, the announcement will be displayed to your clients every time they log in.

Editing firm announcements

If you find any typos in your announcement or want to update the announced information, follow these two steps:

1. Click the pencil icon next to the announcement title in the Client portal announcement section.

2. In the Edit announcement sidebar, make changes to the announcement and click Publish.

After that, the announcement on the client's Home page will be updated, and the revised notification will be shown to clients upon login.

Deleting firm announcements

If the announcement becomes outdated, you can delete it. To do this, click the trash icon next to the announcement title in the  Client portal announcement section, then confirm it by clicking Delete.

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