Invoices (Advanced): Enable Prepayment for Clients

Let your clients pay in advance to get credits and have your invoices paid a moment after they were issued. Learn how to adjust payment settings and enable prepayment for your clients.

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How prepayment works

Your clients may want to pay for a job in advance, and that money will sit in their TaxDome account as a credit until they’re ready to use it for paying the invoices. So, making a prepayment adds credits to the client's account. 

Credits are not limited to use by the client. Firm members can also use them to pay the client's invoice.

This is how your clients can use them when paying the invoice:

Enable prepayment

Adjust your payment settings before turning the prepayment on. This can be done only by a firm owner or admin.

Step 1. Payment settings

From your Settings page, go to the Payments subtab of the Integrations tab and make sure you set the following:

  1. In the Preferences section, the Hide invoices from clients is toggled off.
  2. Your preferred payment provider is connected and set as the default provider.
  3. A payment method is chosen. Select Credit Card or Bank Debits if you want to have both methods available for prepayment, or select only the preferred option from the dropdown.

Step 2. Turn on prepayment

Toggle the Enable prepayment on in the Preferences section, choose one of the available prepayment methods, and click Save

You will see the available prepayment methods to choose from only if you selected Credit Card or Bank Debits in the Payment Method section. Otherwise, the prepayment method is the same as the payment method selected.

What does the client see with prepayment enabled

If the Prepayment feature is enabled, your clients see the Make prepayment link to the right of their to-do list on their dashboard.

Once a client clicks the Make prepayment link, they can type in the prepayment amount and Submit it. A payment window opens and the client can proceed with the payment.

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