Jobs (Basic): Using client-facing job statuses

Keep your clients automatically updated on job progress and eliminate their calls and messages about it. Once you assign a client-facing job status, clients will see it within their Client portal. You can assign client-facing statuses in bulk or automatically and use status templates.

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Client-facing job statuses, explained

TaxDome's client-facing status feature eliminates the need for calls and emails from clients asking for an update.

Once the client-facing status is assigned to a job, your clients will see how the work is going in the Work in progress section of their Client portal Home page. You have full control over what the client sees: the job name, job status, and description can be easily edited.

To smoothly implement statuses into your workflow, you can use the Update client-facing status automation. This automates updating job statuses along with the job's progress in your pipeline. 

You can also use status templates, which are easily customizable and there is no need to edit them manually for each job or client.

The client-facing status will disappear from the Client portal once you hide it, archive or delete the job. 

Assigning client-facing statuses

Client-facing job statuses are hidden by default when a job is added to a pipeline, except for those jobs with assigned status via a job template.

A firm owner, admin and employees with the access to the job can assign client-facing job statuses in four ways:

From a job card

To assign a client-facing status to a single job, follow these steps:

1. Open a job card and toggle on Show in client portal in the Client-facing status section.

2. If needed, edit  Job name for a client. By default, this field is prefilled with the job card name.

3. Select a status and, if needed, edit the  Status description for a client, then click Save & exit.

From this point, the job name, status and description will be visible to the client.

In bulk

To assign the same client-facing status to a number of jobs, follow these steps:

1. Select jobs in your jobs list and click Edit.

2. Choose Show status from the Visibility for client drop-down.

3. If needed, edit  Job name for a client.

4. Select a status and, if needed, edit  Status description for a client, then click Save.

Now, clients will see the same status for all jobs you selected.

Viewing client-facing statuses

To see the client-facing statuses you've assigned to jobs (if any), you can check the following places:

  • Kanban view of the pipeline. Client-facing statuses will appear on the job card once enabled in the pipeline settings. Use filters to find jobs with specific statuses.

Hiding client-facing statuses

You've got three options for making the client-facing status for a job not visible to a client:

  • From a job card: Open a job card and toggle off Show in client portal in the Client-facing status section, then click Save.
  • In bulk: Select jobs in your jobs list, click Edit, then choose Hide status from the Visibility for client drop-down and click Save.
  • Via automation

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