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TaxDome gives you lots of tools to manage and keep track of your jobs. You can view, search, filter, print and even export them.

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Jobs list

To view all the jobs inside a pipeline on one page—in order to sort or apply filters (a useful reporting tool)—go to Workflow > Jobs from the left sidebar menu. You’ll find all your past and present jobs inside the Active and Archived tabs.

In the job list, you’ll see this icon:

This means the job is overdue—the due date has passed.

You’ll see these column headers:

  • NAME: the name of the job
  • JOB ASSIGNEE: the team member this job is assigned to (more on selecting assignees)
  • PIPELINE: the pipeline the job is in
  • STAGE: the stage the job is in
  • CLIENT-FACING STATUS: the client-facing job status displayed in the client portal (more on client-facing statuses)
  • ACCOUNT: who the job is for, whether a company (a business account) or an individual (a personal account)
  • START DATE: when you or the assigned team member have to start working the job (this corresponds to the Start Date on a job card, not to the job creation date)
  • DUE DATE: the due date for the job (for Active jobs only)
  • TIME SPENT IN THE CURRENT STAGE: the amount of time the job has been in its current stage (for Active jobs only)
  • DATE ARCHIVED: when the job was archived (for Archived jobs only)

To sort the list of  Jobs, click on the up-down arrow next to the column header. You can sort jobs by name, pipeline, stage, client-facing job status, account, date added, due date, or time spent in the current stage.

There are more ways to view account jobs:

Viewing an account's active jobs

To see all the jobs for a client, navigate to the client's account, then go to the Workflow tab. Open the Active jobs subtab to see all active jobs for that account—as well as their assignees, pipelines, stages, start dates, client-facing statuses, due dates and the time in the current stage.

Viewing an account's recent jobs

Sometimes, you need to see which services have been provided to the client in the past. You can find this information on the job card. To view the list of the account's recent jobs, open any job for this account. The list of recent jobs will be displayed right after the linked elements.

The five last jobs for this account are displayed here. Clicking on the job name will open it. If you click All account jobs, the list of all jobs for the account will open.  

Viewing jobs in calendar view

You can also see all the current jobs for your firm on the Workflow > Calendar page, which offers various viewing options. Click Jobs to switch to a jobs-only view. You can read more about how jobs are displayed on the calendar.

Viewing jobs on the Insights page

One more way to see your current jobs is the Jobs widget on your Insights page. Firm owner and admin can select a team member whose jobs will be displayed. If you want to track jobs for two or more team members, you can add as many Jobs widgets as you need. Here's more info on the jobs widgets.

Searching for jobs

You can search both active and archived jobs. Plus, all custom fields are searchable, too. Go to  Workflow > Jobs, type a keyword in the search field at the top right, then press Enter on your keyboard.

To search for archived jobs for a specific account, go to the client account's Workflow tab, then open the Archived Jobs subtab. Type a keyword in the search field at the top right of the page, then press Enter or return on your keyboard. 

Filtering jobs

Use filters to find specific jobs. For example, filtering might help you find all jobs for a specific account. Filter jobs either from the Jobs page or from a pipeline. From the Jobs page, you can track all of your firm’s jobs; from the Pipelines page, you can track jobs only in a specific pipeline. Here's more about filters.

To filter your jobs list, click the  + Filter drop-down at the top left of your Jobs page and select the filter and the parameter:

  • Selecting is/in will display jobs that contain the value selected in the filter
  • Selecting is not/not in will display all jobs that don't contain the value selected in the filter

Here are the different filters you can apply:

  • Job assignee: See only the jobs assigned to specific team members.
  • Pipeline and stage: See the jobs in one or several pipelines. Select a specific stage or several stages from different pipelines to further narrow the results.
  • Start date: See only the jobs with start dates from a selected range.
  • Due date: See only the jobs with due dates from a selected range.
  • Time in current stage: See only the jobs that were not moved through a pipeline during a selected range.
  • Client-facing status: See only the jobs with a specific client-facing status.
  • Priority: See only the jobs with a specific priority level (High, Low, Medium or Urgent).
  • Account tags: See only the jobs with specific tags assigned/not assigned.
  • Account name: See only the jobs for a specific account.

Printing a jobs list

To print a Jobs list, click the print icon to the left of the search field.

By default, the list displays 25 jobs per page. If you want to print more, choose the number in the Rows per page menu at the bottom left of the page prior to printing.

You’ll be prompted to print the list, which will include the date and time.

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