Workflow (Basic): Calendar view

View your team’s jobs and tasks by using TaxDome’s Calendar to keep track of important deadlines and milestones. Customize your view, edit due dates, and plan out your day, week or month ahead of time.

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Customizing your calendar view

The Calendar feature on TaxDome displays tasks and jobs based on their start and due dates. This helps show the workload for each team member at any given time. 

To access it, go to Workflow > Calendar from the left menu bar. Task and job cards are color-coded for quick recognition. Each card includes the job/task and client account names. 

Below, learn more about all the options you'll have on the Calendar page:

  1. Today. Quickly return to today's tasks and jobs on the calendar.
  2. Period. Choose a calendar view by clicking Day, Week or Month, depending on what you need to see.
  3. Tasks and Jobs. Customize your calendar view by displaying TasksJobs, or both.
  4. Show due date only. Toggle on to display task/jobs' bars on their due date only. This allows you to pay more attention to upcoming deadlines for your tasks and jobs and not see anything extra on the screen.
  5. Filter. Customize your calendar view even more by using filters (see details in the next section).

You can quickly change the start and due dates of your jobs and tasks by clicking on them in the calendar. Note the following:

  • If Start Date and Due Date are set, the job/task's bar is displayed from its start date to its due date.
  • If no Start Date is set, the job/task's bar is displayed on its due date.
  • If no Due Date is set, the job/task's bar is displayed on its start date.
  • If no Start Date and Due Date are set, the job/task's bar is not displayed in the Calendar view.

The start date is not the same as the creation date. This is the date when the assigned team member has to start working on a job. The job/task could be created automatically in the pipeline but the start date may be set for later. The  Calendar view always shows the start date, not the creation date.

Filtering a list in your calendar

Filters help when you want to view tasks, jobs or both by type. For example, filter your tasks and jobs to find all the ones that are high priority or assigned to a specific person on your team. 

There are different ways to filter the calendar view (some for tasks only and some for tasks and jobs):

  • Assignee: See only the tasks and jobs assigned to a certain person. By default, each team member has a filter with their name. 
  • Account: See only the tasks and jobs for a specific account.
  • Pipelines and Stages: See only the tasks and jobs in a specific pipeline. Select a stage or several stages to narrow the results even more. 
  • Task status: See only the tasks with a specific status (PlannedIn progress, Waiting for signaturesWaiting for client or Completed) or no status at all.
  • Priority: See only the tasks and jobs with a specific priority level (Low, High, Medium or Urgent).
  • Task tags: See only the tasks with specific tags.

To narrow a list of items in your calendar view, click Filter in the top right corner, select one or more filters, then click Apply

All filters are reusable and can be saved as templates. Learn more about using filters.

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