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Promote your firm online! Add your firm’s contact information and social media links, upload your logo, customize the login page with a description and photo—and more. TaxDome gives you white-label options to show off your brand, not ours (your clients won’t even see us on your login page!). 

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Adding/Changing Your Firm’s Contact Details

A completed company profile on TaxDome will only benefit you:

  • Clients will see your firm’s contact information and social media links on their dashboard.

  • Your emails from TaxDome will display your logo, photo, contact details, and social media links, which is a nice way to personalize them. Read more on system-generated emails in the article.

  • The client account and team-member login page will show your firm’s profile. (Here, you may also choose to upload a photo or logo and have a description of your company and the services you offer.)

  • Your photo or firm logo will appear on your TaxDome URL, and the page can include a link to your firm's website.

To add or change your firm’s contact details:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then select the Firm Settings tab.

  2. Type in the missing details, such as your firm’s email, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and website (if available) under Contact Details

  3. Click SAVE.

Customizing Your Firm’s Login Page (Photo, Logo, Description, Social Media Links, Website URL)

By default, your firm’s login page includes only your company’s name. You can personalize it even more by adding any of the following:

Adding a Description of Your Firm

The firm’s description is what clients and employees see on the company’s login page. Adding a description is an effective way to introduce your firm to current and future clients. This way, they immediately know they’ve come to the right place and see all the great services you offer. 

To add or change your firm description:

  1. Navigate to Settings, select the Firm Settings tab.

  2. Write an overview of your company in the About Us field.

  3. Click SAVE.

Uploading a Photo

Your photo is shown to your clients in Messages. You also have the option to use the firm owner photo on the firm’s login page.

To upload your photo, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings, then click the edit icon in the top right corner of the Personal Details section.

2. Click Upload Photo to add the picture of yourself, locate the image, then crop it to fit. 

3. Click SAVE.

To update your photo, click the Upload New link, then upload as described above.

By default, the firm’s logo is used on the login page. To use a photo of yourself instead, navigate to Settings, then Firm Settings. Select the Show firm owner photo on the login page checkbox in the About Us section, then click SAVE

Adding Social Media Links

Share your social media pages for your business with clients. They’ll be able to see the links on your firm’s login page—and on their dashboard. 

1. Navigate to Settings, then select the Firm Settings tab.

2. Type your URLs for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Instagram under Social Media Links.

3. Click SAVE.

Adding a Logo

Display your logo to make things official—and add a nice touch, of course:  

To include your logo:

1. Navigate to Settings, select the Firm Settings tab.

2. Click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the Logo upload section.

3. Click on the upload box and add an image of up to 1 Mb (JPEG, JPG, and PNG files accepted).


Your logo will then be displayed at the top as well as on your login page.

To update a logo, click the trash can icon, then upload a new one as described above.

Adding a Link to Your Website

Make sure there’s a link to your website on the login page.

To add a link to your website:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then select the Firm Settings tab.
  2. Type in the website address under Contact Details. Be sure to include “https://” before the URL to make it work. 
  3. Click Save.

Configuring System-Generated Emails

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