How to Mute Email Threads

If you’d like to stop getting notifications about certain email threads, you can mute them. This feature is also helpful when a client’s email is linked to various accounts and you want to mute email-thread notifications from some of them. 

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How to Mute Email Threads 

By default, all team members assigned to an account receive a notification in their Inbox+ when a new message is added to an email thread in the client profile’s Email tab.

To stop receiving notifications about new emails in a specific thread: 

  • Navigate to your Inbox+, then click the Mute button for the thread’s notification.

  • Or navigate to the client profile’s Email tab, click on the three-dots icon to the far right of the thread, then select Mute.
  • Once a thread is muted:

    • It’s hidden from the email list. You can still view it if necessary by selecting the Muted option in the drop-down menu on the left. 
    • Notifications about new emails are no longer displayed in Inbox+ or in the Email tab of the account—this goes for your entire team, no matter who has muted the thread. 

    How to Unmute Email Threads

    When you unmute an email thread, it goes back to the emails list, and notifications about new emails are once again displayed in the  Email tab. All team members assigned to the client will receive notifications in their Inbox+ every time a new email is added to the thread. 

    To unmute a thread: 

    • Go to  Inbox +, then click the Unmute button for the thread’s notifications.

    • Or go to the Email tab of the client’s profile, select the Muted option in the drop-down menu, then click on the three-dots icon to the far right of the thread and select Unmute

    One Email, Several Accounts: How to Mute

    When a client whose email address is linked to several accounts sends an email, you’ll see the message inside the Email tab of each account as well as a notification in Inbox+. A notification will include all account names.

    You can mute threads for each of the accounts:

    • inside the Email tabs of the accounts currently not relevant to you by clicking on the three-dots icon to the far right of the thread, then selecting Mute OR 
    • by clicking on the Mute Settings button inside the Inbox+ and turning off the toggle for the account currently not relevant to you.

      Who Can Do This 

      A firm owner can always mute notifications about email threads. If you’d like a team member to be able to do so, you’ll need to give them the access rights:

      1. Go to  Settings, select Team & Plans in the menu bar, navigate to Active Team Members, then click on the team member’s name in the list.

      2. Click on the  Edit Access Rights pencil icon, then turn on the Mute emails toggle.

      3. Click  SAVE. Now the team member will be able to mute emails for all accounts that are assigned to them. 

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