Email (Basic): Add a Signature

Learn how to add a custom signature to all your emails sent from TaxDome. This not only saves time but also adds a professional touch.

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Adding Your Signature

1. Go to Settings, then open your My Account tab. In the Email Sync section, select the signature type:

  • WYSIWYG: This lets you add text with formatting and links.
  • HTML: This lets you insert a custom HTML code, containing images, links, tables, and so on. Use the WORDHTML tool to build and get HTML, which you can then paste into the TaxDome email signature.

2. Click SAVE to keep your changes. Now your signature will appear in all your emails sent from TaxDome.

Adding an Image to Your Signature


Images stored on your computer won’t work in a signature; the image needs to be hosted by a third party.

There are two ways to add an image to a signature:

Adding an Image by Copying It From a Webpage

1. Upload the image to your server or to an image-hosting site such as

2. Right-click on the uploaded image in your browser, then select Copy image.

3. From your Settings tab, go to the Email Sync section, make sure WYSIWYG is selected, then paste the image into your signature. Click Save to keep your changes.

Adding an Image by Inserting an HTML Code

  1. Upload your image to an image-hosting site, such as
  2. Copy the HTML code of the image.

3. From your Settings tab, go to the Email Sync, make sure HTML is selected, then paste the code into your email signature. Once the email is sent, the code turns into the image.

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