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At a busy company, it can be challenging to stay on top of the emails you have to send to clients, especially when you have lots that need to go out on specific dates. TaxDome offers an Email Schedule feature to make it all much easier.

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Scheduling Emails

If you need to send out an email on a particular day, schedule it in advance, so you can take it off your big to-do list. When you create an email or reply to an existing thread, toggle on Schedule email. Specify the date and the time when the email should go out, then click Send.


Tip: If you create an email from the Scheduled tab, the Schedule email toggle will be turned on by default. 


Note: When you schedule emails in a thread, specify the date and time for each message separately.

Viewing Scheduled Emails

Once you’ve created a scheduled email, you may want to preview it to make sure everything looks good:

If a scheduled email was created in an existing thread, the clock icon is displayed in the far right of the thread in the Inbox or Sent subtab of the Email tab. Hover your mouse over the clock icon to see the date and time the email is scheduled to go out. If there are several scheduled messages in a thread, the date of the earliest one is displayed.

If a scheduled email was created in a new thread, the clock icon will be displayed in the far right of the thread in the Scheduled subtab of the Email tab. Hover your mouse over the icon to see the date and time the email is scheduled to go out. 

To read a scheduled email, click on its name to get a preview. Here, you’ll see the sender’s name, the subject of the email, its contents, and the time it will be sent.

Canceling Scheduled Emails

If you need to cancel all or just one scheduled email, here's how:

  • To cancel all scheduled emails in a thread, click the three dots to the far right of the thread, then select Cancel all scheduled emails.

  • To cancel a specific scheduled email in a thread, open the email preview by clicking on it, then click the red x next to the scheduled time.

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