Email (Advanced): Shortcode modes

When sending emails from TaxDome, you can either select accounts or specific contacts as recipients. Since selecting one of those modes also affect which shortcodes will be available for use, we call them shortcode modes. Here, we go into details of how it works.  

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Selecting the shortcode mode

When using shortcodes in emails, you’ll need to select either the Account shortcodes or Contact shortcodes mode:

  • When the Account shortcodes mode is chosen, you select accounts as the recipients, and you can apply account name and custom account field shortcodes.  
  • When the Contact shortcodes mode is chosen, you select contacts or specific emails as the recipients, and you can apply both account and contact shortcodes, including ones based on custom fields. 
Date shortcodes are available in both modes.

To select the shortcode mode:

  • When creating or editing an email template: Select the shortcode mode in the Mode section.

  • When sending an email in bulk: In the New email window, click Contact shortcodes, then select the shortcode mode from the drop-down.

Account shortcodes mode 

When you choose the Account shortcodes mode while creating an email template or sending an email in bulk, you select accounts as the recipients of the email. The email with cc will be sent to all contacts linked to the account. It can be then found in the Email tab of the client profile as a single thread.

In this mode, you can use an account name and account custom fields as shortcodes in emails. For more details about account shortcodes, go here

Contact shortcodes

When you choose the Contact shortcodes mode when creating an email template or sending an email in bulk, you select contacts and specific email addresses as the recipients: Each selected contact or email address gets an email which can be then found in the Email tab of the client profile as a separate thread. 

You also need to use this mode when you want to use contact shortcodes in your emails; for example, first name, email address, phone number or any custom contact field you've created. For more details about contact shortcodes, go here

Date shortcodes

When creating an email template or sending an email in bulk, you can use date shortcodes in both the Account shortcodes and Contact shortcodes modes.

For more details about date shortcodes, go here

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