Email: Troubleshooting

Here, find a guide to troubleshooting issues that might crop up with your email on TaxDome. We give you all the problems you might encounter and the quick fixes you’ll need.

I get “Failed to deliver message to this email” error

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My clients’ emails stopped syncing

Are the documents that clients send you via email no longer uploading? Do you get an error message when you go to open the Email tab in a client account profile? Most likely, this means that your clients’ email addresses stopped syncing.

This happens when the email credentials for someone at your firm changed or became outdated. For example, you or someone on your team changed email logins. TaxDome retrieves emails from your entire team, but it will fail to if someone has mismatching credentials. You’ll need to either resync your email or ask a team member to resync theirs:

1. Go to Settings, open your My Account tab, then click the Stop Email Sync button in the Email Sync section.

2. Click Yes, Stop in the Stop email sync confirmation pop-up.

3. Click the Sync Your Email button, then follow the instructions to sync your email again.

I See “Via” and a website name next to my name when sending emails

If you see something like “ via” when sending emails from TaxDome, it’s because your email provider is adding that information so recipients see where the messages are coming from. Usually, this can be fixed by publishing an SPF record with your DNS provider; you can contact your DNS provider’s IT support for help.

I can't sync my Gmail account because I didn't give all permissions

If you’re getting errors when trying to connect your Gmail account to TaxDome, this is because you didn't give all access rights during the initial synchronization. It can be fixed in 4 simple steps:

1. Open your Google account, then go to the Security page:

2. Select the Third-party apps with account access section.

3. Select TaxDome, then click the REMOVE ACCESS button.

5. Sync your mail again and give all necessary permissions.

Email sync doesn’t work with my Office 365/MS Exchange account

If you’re getting errors when trying to connect your Office 365/MS Exchange account to TaxDome, this is likely because of incorrect email settings. You might need to reach out to your Exchange or IT admin for the correct connection settings. They should be able to provide the proper connection info.

Please see:

  • the article on common authentication issues that you might encounter.
  • the article on common Exchange server errors.

I can't send emails from TaxDome using my Office 365 account

If you receive emails to your synced Office 365 account, but cannot send emails from TaxDome, please contact your IT-department. They need to reach out to your email server and remove the connection:

1. Go to, then log in as a user of your Microsoft 365.

2. In the quarantine tab find and remove a device with the name “Python” in it from MDM quarantine.

3. Save the changes, then resync email in TaxDome.

Please refer to these detailed instructions if you still need help.

My invoice is marked as dangerous in my client’s Gmail

By default, your clients receive invoice notifications by email. Sometimes, Gmail mistakenly marks these emails as “dangerous,” showing a warning box. Those emails may even be moved to the client’s spam folder. If this happens, ask your client to open the message and click on the Looks Safe button.

Once the client clicks Looks safe, the message and subsequent messages from TaxDome will no longer show the warning, and the client will then be able to click on the Invoice’s Pay Now button.

I get “Failed to deliver message to this email” error

You may get a “Failed to deliver message to this email” error inside of the client's account, this is likely because of the misspelling of the email address. Please fix the mistake by editing the contact details. 

If the problem persists, the address could be on our suppression list. Please reach out to We will remove the indicated email from this list then.

I get the " you sent to [email address] didn't reach its recipient" message

You may get a " you sent to [email address] didn't reach its recipient" message in case your recipient's mail server rejects and bounces your email.

The most common reasons for your email being unable to reach the recipient:

  • A soft bounce: a temporary bounce, e.g. if the recipient's inbox is full or they marked your emails as spam
  • A hard bounce: a permanent bounce, e.g. if the email address doesn’t exist

If this happens, check the email address or try sending it to another address. If the problem persists, get help from our tech support.

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