Email Attachments Security

Email attachments: are they safe? Let us see how TaxDome deals with the files you attach to emails sent from your portal or when share documents with third parties.

First, there are two options for attaching files to emails sent from TaxDome:

  • Select files from your computer when composing an email. When you use this option, files are attached to the email as a regular attachment (same as how Gmail does it)
  • Select files that were previously uploaded to TaxDome when using Share documents with third parties feature. In this case, files are enclosed via a link:
    • If EVERY email recipent has an account in TaxDome, the link is secure – i.e. user has to login with username and password to see it.
    • If at least one recipient does not have a TaxDome account, the file is still enclosed via a link but it's insecure (anyone with the link has access to the file). You can set an expiration date to reduce the risk of a data breach.

To summarize, sending sensitive files as email attachments is insecure. Sending files with a share link instead of email attachment is much safer. Thus, you should consider select files from TaxDome when sending emails and double-check that the recipient has a TaxDome client account.

Besides, share links provide much more control over sent files due to file audit trail. You can always find out the IP address, browser, operating system, and timezone of a person who has viewed the document via the sent link. For secure links, you can also view their name and email.

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