Sharing Documents With Third Parties

By Mary Cooper

updated 1 day ago

Clients will receive an automatic email notification when you upload a firm-prepared document to their account. However, you can also share the file with a third-party recipient, such a mortgage banker or a lawyer. Here's how sharing documents with third parties works:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the required document(s), then click the Share Selected button.  To select all documents, select the check box at the top of the table.  

  2. Click Add another email address for each third party that you want the file(s) to be shared with. 

  3. You can add an expiration date for each email address that you include. The document will be available to that person up to the date that you choose.

  4. Add a custom message that will be shown to all recipients, then click Send.

The selected file(s) will be shared with all parties and a copy of the message sent to the client. The recipients will not be able to see who else received the message (each will be sent a separate email).

Please note: If the document is locked, pending payment, when any recipient tries to open it, the bill payment pop-up will be displayed. If the document shared by email is not locked, the recipient can view and download it instantly.

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