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An organizer resembles a questionnaire, a set of questions created by the firm for the client to provide answers to to facilitate work between the firm & client. 

With TaxDome, you can create as many custom organizers as you want in order to cover different needs: an onboarding organizer, a personal tax organizer, a business organizer, an expat organizer, a construction firm organizer, and so forth.

You can promise your clients an excellent user experience by providing them with questions and requests catered to their specific situations. You can do send your organizers to accounts either manually or via pipeline automation. 

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Creating an Organizer Template

An organizer template can be created by a firm owner. It can also be created by a team member who has granted the Manage organizers permission. It’s helpful to design templates in advance so that you have them ready to go and to further customize when necessary for a client.

To create an organizer template:

1. Go to Settings in the left sidebar, choose Templates in the menu bar, then select Organizers and click the CREATE TEMPLATE button.

2. An organizer consists of sections and questions. Each question belongs to one section. To begin, click on the Organizer Name field and enter what you would like to call it.

3. Click on Section Name, then enter a heading for the first section (for example, if you are creating a standard organizer/form, you can call it “Basic”). Next, click on Add question and select the question type or request, choosing any of the following from the pull-down menu:

  • Free entry: used to collect any information that requires the client account to type in text, such as their name, address, or company name.
  • Number: used for numeric information, such as number of children or an SSN.
  • Date: used for a day, month, and year, such as date of birth.
  • Multiple choice: used for a list of options, such as company type (nonprofit, llc, etc.).
  • Checkboxes: used for a list with checkboxes that can be left empty or checked.
  • Yes/No: used for a yes/no answer, such as a client’s marital status.
  • File upload: used for the client to provide specific document(s). To increase organization, all documents uploaded within the organizer are always renamed to match the question name (to eliminate files named 195959195235325.pdf) so please keep in mind when naming questions that request file uploads. Documents uploaded within the organizer are saved to the Client's Docs silo. 

4. If an answer to a question is mandatory, turn on the Required toggle. 

5. Add as many questions and sections as you need, then click the SAVE button. 

Creating an Organizer for the Accounts

Once you have an organizer template, you can send an organizer to the client accounts. You can do it either manually or via pipeline automation. 

An organizer can be manually sent to accounts by a firm owner. It can also be sent by a team member who has granted the Manage organizers permission.

To send an organizer manually,

1. Click the + NEW button on the left sidebar, select Organizer, then find the client account you want to send the organizer to by typing their name, ID, or email address into the search field. You can add as many accounts as you need.

Alternatively, go to Clients, then select the checkboxes next to the relevant client accounts, then click on the SEND ORGANIZER button. You can send organizers to both Active & Offline Accounts (in case you want to create organizers for clients BEFORE sending invites).

2. Click the Organizer Template list to select a template, turn on the Reminders feature (optional, see below), then click CREATE to send the organizer to your selected accounts.

The accounts will automatically receive an email notifying them that an organizer has been sent to fill out.

Reminding Clients About Pending Organizers

Your clients always get an email notification when you send them an organizer that needs to be completed. However, sometimes a client might delay completing an organizer.

You can turn on the reminder feature when sending an organizer. When it is enabled, an additional email is sent to a client if they do not sibmit an organizer within a certain time frame. Once you turn on the reminder feature, you can configure it:

  • Inactivity Threshold, Days: Remind the client account after x amount of days of inactivity. By default, a reminder is sent 3 days after the organizer was sent.
  • Limit to: Send up to x  number of reminders. By default, the client gets only one reminder email.

Reminders continue until the organizer has been submitted.

What Your Account Sees When You Send an Organizer

Your account can fill out an organizer you've sent either by going to Organizers section of their portal or by clicking the link in the email notification. 

You can access Read-Only View of Client Account Portal to experience TaxDome from the account’s side.

How Do I Know That an Account Has Completed an Organizer?

Once your client account has completed the organizer, you'll receive a notification by email. You will also get a notification in your Inbox+. Click the organizer's name or Go to... link to view it. 

How to See Which Accounts Have Organizers Pending

You can filter your account list to see which accounts haven’t finished their organizers yet. To do so:

1. Go to Clients, then click on the FILTER button

2. Select Pending in the Organizers section, then click on APPLY.

You will see the list of all accounts that have pending organizers.

Managing Account Organizers

To manage all account’s organizers, go to Clients, click the client account, and then go to the Organizers tab. If there are no organizers there, you have not yet sent one to that account.

Once an account has received an organizer, the following information will be available to you:

  • NAME: What the organizer is called.

  • LAST UPDATED: The date/time the organizer was created or last updated by the account. All changes made by the client are saved in real time.

  • STATUS: If the account hasn’t started answering questions (filling in the fields and uploading documents) or has begun but not finished, the status of the organizer will be PENDING. If the account has submitted the organizer, the status will be FINISHED.
  • SEAL: If you have restricted your clients from making changes to organizers, it has the SEALED label. See the details below.

Click on the name of the organizer to view all of the information provided by the account. For your convenience, answers from the client will be displayed on one page. You’ll be able to see all the questions and answers in a section at one time. To see the questions and answers of another section, click on that section’s name. All the questions that have been answered will be noted with a green checkmark.

You can delete an account’s organizer if you don’t need it anymore or have sent the client an updated version. To do so, click the three dots icon to the far right of the organizer’s name, select Delete, then click the DELETE button. This will not affect the organizer template used to make the account’s organizer.

Sealing an Organizer

Sometimes you may want to restrict your clients from making changes to organizers. Say, you already started to work with the information provided and do not want your clients to edit them. In this case, you can seal an organizer by clicking on the three dots icon to the far right of the organizer’s name, then click Seal.

All organizers sent to the account are unsealed by default. When you seal them, they are marked accordingly. 

When you no longer need to restrict your clients from editing specific organizer, unseal it by clicking on the three dots icon to the far right of the organizer’s name, then click Unseal.

Printing an Organizer

You can easily print any organizer (either pending or completed). Click on the name of the organizer to open it, then click on the Print button.

Adding Default Organizer from Our Library

For your convenience, we offer default organizer templates which you can easily edit. To add an organizer from our library:

1. Go to Settings in the left sidebar, select Templates in the menu bar, then select Organizers and click the COPY FROM LIBRARY button.

2. Click the copy icon next to the template you want to add. Now you can edit the organizer by clicking on its name. 

Thanks to our customers, we are constantly adding new templates to our library. Do you want to share your organizers with other TaxDome users, too? Please contact us

Editing an Organizer Template

To make changes to an organizer template (either created by you or the default one), follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings in your left sidebar, select Templates in the menu bar, then go to Organizers and click on the organizer template name in the list.

2. Make changes to the organizer template, then click the SAVE button. You can move or delete questions and sections using the icons to the far right of the section name or question.

Note: The changes you make to an organizer template are not reflected in the organizers that have already been created with that template.

Duplicating an Organizer Template

You can create new organizer templates based on existing ones (either created by you or the ones that have been copied from our library). To do so, click the three dots icon to the far right of the organizer's template name, then select Duplicate link. The organizer's copy will be saved with the appropriate suffix (i.e. Organizer (2)). 

Deleting an Organizer Template

You can remove an organizer template if you don’t need it anymore. To do so, click the three dots icon to the far right of the organizer's template name, select Delete link, then click the DELETE button. All organizers created for your client accounts with that template will still be kept.  

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