SMS (Basic): Connect, verify and disconnect Twilio

Add the SMS service to client communication. To send SMS to your customers, you must first be verified by Twilio. In this article, we'll guide you through the connection process. For associated costs, please see SMS registration fee with Twilio.

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SMS connection and Twilio verification process

Due to regulation (A2P 10DLC), to send and receive SMS, all brands must be vetted and approved by Twilio. It is critical that the details you provide exactly match those in your US EIN listing (or that of their relevant national Tax ID if your business is located outside the U.S.). 

We strongly recommend you verify all details via your tax form or equivalent national tax record. If there are any differences – for example, in the business name or address – it may impact messaging limits and registration. To learn more about the registration and vetting process, please see this help article.


Note! Currently, TaxDome doesn't work with existing Twilio accounts. Even if you already have a registered brand on Twilio, you must create a new account with us from the beginning.

To start the connection and verification processes, follow these steps:

Step 1. Connection and brand registration

Here's what you need to do to connect Twilio: 

1.  Go to Settings > Integrations, select the SMS subtab, then click Connect SMS

2. Read the Info page of the connection sidebar about regulations and the connection fee.

3. Fill out the Firm info sidebar page. Ensure all provided information matches official company records:

  • Firm name (exactly as registered with the IRS)
  • Country (for now, Twilio integration is available for US and Canada only)
  • Street address
  • City
  • State/province/region
  • Postal code
  • Business type
  • Tax identification number (exactly as registered with the IRS, must contain only 9 digits – without any symbol in between them – including prefix, e.g., 123456789)
  • Industry
  • Website (this is crucial for Twilio approval. If you don't have any, create one using our site builder. Alternatively, use your TaxDome portal login page as long as it has the firm member's name you provide in the subsequent sidebar).
  • Social network (optional)

4. Complete the Contact info sidebar page. You will need to provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Phone number (should contain the country code, e.g., +12565557689)
  • Business title
  • Job position

5. In the Payment sidebar page, top-up your balance and pay a registration fee.

Once submitted, the brand registration process with Twilio is fully handled by TaxDome. 


Note! Twilio verification process may take up to 30 business days. Filling in the optional fields can expedite the registration process.

Step 2. Campaign verification

You don't need to take any action on this step; after your brand is registered in Twilio, the campaign verification will start automatically. 

We will notify you once the campaign verification process is finished, so monitor your email for updates on the verification status.

Step 3. Getting to know your phone number

Once your registration is complete, you will be automatically provided with the phone number (you can't select it). You can find your phone number on the SMS tab of the Settings > Integrations page.

We strongly recommend you share your phone number with your clients so they can reach you at any time. For example, you can inform your clients about it with firm announcements or by sending bulk message to them.

Disconnecting Twilio

To disable Twilio integration entirely, go to  Settings > Integrations from the left menu bar, select the SMS tab, and then click Disconnect at the bottom right.


Note! If you disconnect Twilio from your TaxDome firm, the SMS campaign and the assigned phone number will be irreversibly deleted.

Verification errors: troubleshooting

Twilio couldn't register your brand

This error message means that Twilio rejected your brand registration due to incorrect information provided.

The fix: Click Fix issues and update the incorrect information. The incorrect fields will be displayed on the top of the sidebar. You have only two additional attempts to provide the correct information. The next three attempts will cost an additional $4. Ensure that all provided information matches official company records.

Twilio couldn't verify your campaign

This error message means that your campaign did not pass Twilio inspection.

The fix: You don't need to do anything but wait. Our team will contact you via email to assist in resolving this issue.

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