SMS (Basic): Create & apply templates

SMS templates simplify your regular client communications by removing the need to create the same text messages repeatedly. This article describes how to create, apply, edit, duplicate and delete SMS templates.

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Creating SMS templates

An SMS template can be created by a firm owner, an admin or any employee with access rights to manage templates.

To create an SMS template, click Templates from the left sidebar, select Firm templates in the menu bar, go to SMS, then click Create Template.

Below, we explain the numbered sections in the Create SMS Template window where you create SMS templates:

1. Name: Enter a name for the template—what you’ll see when you select the template.

2. Text of SMS: Compose the SMS content. To individualize it, you can apply shortcodes (dynamic data) to include, for example, the recipient's name, the account name or the date. Here's more on using shortcodes in TaxDome.

3. Save & Exit, Save and Cancel: Click Save & Exit to save the template and go back to the templates list, Save to keep your changes and continue editing the template or Cancel to exit without saving.

Applying SMS templates

Once you've made an SMS template, use it to speed up creating any new SMS. Here’s how:

1. Choose the option to create a new SMS:

  • Click New on the top left, then select SMS.
  • Click New SMS in the SMS tab of the Communication section of an account profile.
  • Select one or more recipients in your Accounts list, then select Send SMS in the pull-down menu.

2. Click on the Template field, then select the template from the pull-down menu.

3. Edit the existing text if needed, then click Send.


Note! Changes you make to the SMS text don’t alter the selected template.

Adding SMS templates from the Marketplace

You can download ready-made SMS templates with the best practices. To add an SMS template from the Marketplace:

1. Go to  Templates > Marketplace from the left menu bar and open the SMS tab.

2. Click  Get free on the template you want to add or click on its price and proceed with the payment if it's a paid template.

3. Go to  Templates > Firm templates, open the SMS tab and click on the name of the SMS template to begin editing if needed.

Editing SMS templates

To make changes to an SMS template, follow these steps:

1. Go to  Templates > Firm templates from the left sidebar, select SMS, then click on the name of the SMS template.

2. Make changes to the SMS template, then click Save & Exit.

Duplicating SMS templates

Create a new SMS template from an existing one: Click the three dots to the far right of the SMS template name, then select  Duplicate. The template's copy will be saved with a suffix (e.g., Reminder (2)).

Deleting SMS templates

To remove an SMS template completely, click the three dots to the far right of the name of the SMS template, select Delete, then confirm by clicking DELETE in the Delete Confirmation pop-up.

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