SMS (Basic): Create and send

Similar to TaxDome chats, SMS allows you to have real-time messaging with your clients. Utilize it to request missing information, schedule appointments or promote your services effectively.

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SMS, explained

SMS provides a secure option to ask questions, request files, and promote your services. The main things to know about SMS:

  • You should enable the SMS integration to send SMS.
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS cost $0.04 USD each. 
  • SMS can be sent to US and Canada phone numbers only.
  • The phone number should contain the country code (e.g., +12565557689)
  • SMS will be sent to the primary number of the contact.
  • When someone answers your SMS or sends you an SMS, you receive an email and a notification in your Inbox+.
  • To send identical messages to multiple clients, use SMS templates.
To access SMS, go to the SMS subtab of the Communication tab in the client's profile.

Creating new SMS thread 

An SMS thread can be created by a firm owner, an admin or a team member assigned to the account or with the View all accounts access rights.

There are two ways to send an SMS:

Start an SMS thread with a client

To send an SMS, click the New button on the top left, select SMS from the slide-out, choose recipients, add the SMS content, and then click Send

Alternatively, you can go to the client's account, open the SMS subtab of Communication and click New SMS.

Below, we explain the numbered sections in the New SMS sidebar, where you create new threads:

1. Contacts: Select the contacts for whom the SMS is intended.

2. Template: Choose a template for frequently sent SMS. For more details about templates, go here. Select a template only when creating a new SMS, not when responding to one.

3. Message: Compose the content of the SMS. To personalize it, you can apply shortcodes (dynamic data) to include, for example, the recipient's name, the street address, or the date. Learn more about using shortcodes in TaxDome.

4. Total: Number of SMS you will be charged for.

5. Recipients: View the recipients of your SMS:

  • Click the pen icon if you need to edit the phone number, use another one, or change the primary number. From here, you can also edit contact info.
  • Click the cross icon to remove a contact from SMS recipients.
  • Click the account name to open the account.

6. Link to job: Link the SMS thread to jobs.

7. Send: Click to send your SMS to the client. $0.04 for each SMS will be charged from your firm balance.

Start SMS threads with several clients

If you need to send the same message to multiple clients, use our bulk-messaging feature. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Clients > Accounts in the left sidebar menu, select the checkboxes next to the clients you want to message, click More actions in the top menu bar, and then choose Send SMS from the dropdown menu. 
  2. Select an SMS template, compose a new text, check if all numbers are in the correct format, remove any contacts you do not wish to include, and then click Send. When the bulk action will be complete, you will receive a notification in your Inbox+.

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