SMS (Basic): Processing fees

To access the SMS communication feature, you'll need to pass the Twilio verification process. Due to regulation (A2P 10DLC), all brands must be vetted and approved -- this verification and vetting process has associated costs from Twilio. Also, Twilio charges for SMS and monthly payments. This article will detail the processing fees.

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Billing overview

All SMS payments will be deducted from your firm balance. To integrate Twilio with your TaxDome account, you must maintain a minimum balance of $30.15. The integration involves automatic charges for registration and monthly payments from your account.

To top-up your balance, go to  Settings > Firm Balance from the left menu bar, select the amount, and then click BUY. You will also be able to add funds during the SMS connection process. A firm owner, admin, or any employee who has access rights may add funds to the firm's balance.

If your balance is insufficient, the assigned phone number will be disabled without the option for restoration. To prevent this, we will automatically charge $20 to your card if your firm balance falls below $20.

One-time registration fee

When connecting Twilio, we will deduct $30.15 USD (Ca$40.70) from your firm balance. This payment covers the following items:

US Canada
Brand registration fee (for the first 3 registration attempts,
subsequent 3 requests will cost an additional $4/Ca$5.40)
$4 USD Ca$5.40
Campaign verification fee $15 USD Ca$20.25
Monthly Twilio subscription $10 USD Ca$13.50
Monthly phone number rental fee $1.15 USD Ca$1.55

This is a one-time fee, inclusive of a one-month subscription. In the following months, you will only be charged for the monthly subscription.

Monthly payments

Every month, you will be billed $11.15 USD (Ca$15.05) for the monthly subscription, automatically deducted from your firm balance. This payment covers:

US Canada
Monthly Twilio subscription $10 USD Ca$13.50
Monthly phone number rental fee $1.15 USD Ca$1.55

The fees are per firm and don't have any relation to the number of firm members. You only pay once per firm, no matter how many members you have in your team.


Attention! Seven days before the next month's payment, we will deduct the monthly fee from your firm balance. If the debit attempt fails eight times, the SMS campaign and phone number will be irreversibly deleted.

SMS Pricing

You will be charged $0.04 USD (Ca$0.06) for each sent or received SMS. 

In the event of a failed SMS sending, the corresponding amount will be refunded to your firm balance.

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