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Explore all client SMS threads effortlessly in TaxDome. Stay organized with features like filtering by time intervals, responding in real-time and easily printing SMS threads as needed.

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Viewing all SMS for a client account

To access all SMS threads for a client account, open the SMS subtab within the Communication tab inside the client’s profile. The circle displayed to the right of the Communication tab shows how many unread chats and SMS messages an account has. The green dot at the SMS tab shows unread threads under it.

All SMS for the client account are arranged chronologically based on the most recent response on the SMS page. 

Here's an overview of what you'll find within the SMS page:

  1. Unread and Read sections: SMS threads with unread messages are located at the top. A thread is considered read if at least one team member has read all the SMS inside. Once all messages are read, section names disappear.
  2. Status and recipient: SMS threads with unread messages are marked with a green message icon and a dot, while read SMS threads are marked with a blue message icon. You can also see the name of the account's contact that is an SMS recipient.
  3. Message content and response time: Displays the content of the latest SMS and the date/time sent.
  4. Filter: You can filter your SMS threads by time interval (see below).
  5. Linked jobs tab: You can find all jobs linked to this thread or link it to job or jobs (see below).

Filtering SMS threads

You can filter your SMS threads for a client account to view threads containing responses within a certain  Time interval. For example, filtering might allow you to quickly find all threads from the last year or the last month.

To filter a list, click Filter at the top-right corner, select the date intervals you want, then click Apply.

Once you’ve applied the selected filter, the list is narrowed accordingly. The selected filter is shown at the top of the Filter page. You can easily change the filter by editing or deleting it; otherwise, click Reset to clear it to start fresh (here's more on applying filters).

Responding to the client's SMS

Team members receive an email and a notification in their Inbox+ whenever one of their assigned clients sends a new SMS or replies to their SMS.

To view the most recent SMS and respond to it, click on the name of the thread or the Go to... link.

View and reply to a client’s message by navigating to the SMS subtab of the Communication tab in their account. In that subtab, everything happens in real-time, similar to DMs. Click on a thread to view it.

Inside SMS threads, you can:

  • Communicate with clients by typing in the Text of SMS field.
  • Send a new SMS by pressing Ctrl + Enter on Windows or Cmd + Enter on a Mac.

When you receive a response from a client whose account includes more than one user, you will always know who is responding, as (unlike chats) each contact has its own SMS thread.

Linking SMS threads to jobs

To link a new job, go to the Linked jobs tab of a thread and click Link to job, select one or more jobs by clicking checkboxes on the left, and then click Save. Use the search field to find a certain job or click the up-down arrows to sort jobs by their name or pipelines.

Printing SMS threads

To print an SMS thread, click the printer icon located in the upper far right corner of the SMS thread.

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