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Find out everything you need to know about TaxDome subscriptions: pricing plan, monthlies for seasonal staff, renewals, transfers to other team members, changes in billing information—and more.

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Upgrading from a Trial to a Paid Plan

Your two-week trial period starts the day you create your firm’s TaxDome account. Once you’ve begun, you’ll be able to use all of the TaxDome features.

Once the trial period ends, you’ll need to purchase an annual subscription, also called a license, in order to continue using TaxDome. As a firm owner, you cannot buy a monthly subscription.

However, when you have TaxDome Pro, your team members can be on either an annual or monthly subscription plan. The only difference between annual and monthly is the price. Monthly subscriptions are especially useful when you have a temporary or seasonal staff or you’re not ready to buy annual subscriptions for all of your team members.

For more details on pricing, go here.

To purchase a TaxDome subscription:

1. Go to  Settings > Team & Plans and open the Plan overview tab, then click Subscribe in the Your plan section.

2. Review your tariff plan. As a firm owner, you need at least one annual subscription, or license, to use TaxDome.

If you add team members during your trial, you’ll be offered to buy subscriptions for them too.

  • If you don’t need subscriptions for some of your team members, clear the checkboxes next to their names. You can return to the Team members tab to Upgrade team licenses later.
  • Decide on the best type of subscription for each team member by clicking either 1 year or Monthly in the drop-down to the right.

3. Click on Next, then confirm your subscription, enter your credit card details and click on the Submit payment button.

How Your Subscription Cost Is Calculated

The date when your trial ends (sign-up date + two weeks) is your renewal date. Regardless of when you add a user to your account, the renewal date stays the same.

If you decide to upgrade before the end of the trial period, your credit card will be charged only on your renewal date. You will still get a free two-week trial if you purchase a subscription before your trial period ends. There’s no chance of losing any free days!

Your annual subscription is valid for 365 days.

Adding a User in the Middle of Your Annual Subscription Cycle

The annual subscription cost for a new user is based on the number of days remaining until your renewal date.

For example, if you are adding a team member to your UK firm  60 days after your renewal date, it will cost £ 480* [(365 − 60) ÷ 365] = £ 401. The annual subscription for all users ends on your original renewal date, no matter when you purchased annual subscriptions for your team members.

Upgrading a Monthly Subscription to an Annual One

The expiration date of a monthly subscription is displayed in the  Renewal column of the Team members tab. You can upgrade a monthly subscription to an annual one at any time and save on cost.

The annual subscription price for a user with an active monthly subscription is based on the number of days remaining in the paid month and the number of days remaining before your subscription-renewal date.

For example, if you are upgrading a team member шт your UK firm 10 days before their monthly subscription ends and 180 days before your annual subscription ends, it will cost 

£480× (180 ÷ 365)− £60 × (10 ÷ 30) = £236.71 − £20 = £216.71

The upgrade cancels the monthly license, and the user is added to the firm’s annual subscription.

Since the monthly subscription is user-based, you can choose to upgrade all of your team members who have monthly subscriptions or only some of them.

1. Go to  Settings > Team & Plans and open the Team members tab, then click Upgrade team licenses. Select the 1 year or Monthly option in the drop-down for users you’d like to upgrade. If you have available annual subscriptions, you can apply them by selecting the USE FREE LICENSES checkbox.

2. Review the subtotal, click Upgrade, then confirm.

Transferring a Subscription From One Team Member to Another

If your team members have changed in the middle of a subscription cycle, there’s no need to buy additional licenses for the new people.


  1. Deactivate a team member who is no longer at your firm to free up a license.
  2. Add a new team member to your account and use an available annual or monthly license for them.


Note: Available annual and monthly licenses can also be used when you’re restoring team members who might have been previously deactivated.

Reviewing Your Subscription

To review all information regarding your annual subscription, go to Settings > Team & Plans and open the Plan overview tab. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Your plan: Your selected pricing plan.
  • Renewal date: The day your trial or annual subscription ends.
  • Next estimated bill: Your expected renewal payment amount based on the number of used licenses.
  • Used licenses: The number of team members currently active on your firm’s TaxDome account.
  • Available licenses: Once you’ve deactivated a team member, their subscription (whether annual or monthly) becomes available to any team member you add.

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