💰 TaxDome Referral Program: Get Free Months and Bonuses

Save on the cost of a subscription by telling friends and colleagues about TaxDome! With our referral program, we give you a personal link to send to anyone you think might be interested in our service. Post it on social media and email it to friends, giving us shout-out.

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How to Join the Referral Program

If you’re using TaxDome, you’re already in! Click Refer & save at the top right of any page or go to  Settings > Team & Plans (this page is available only for firm owners and admins). Then copy your personal referral link to share with your friends and colleagues. 

To share it via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email click the appropriate icon under the link.

What Will You Get

Firm owners and firm employees/admins are provided with different referral links. Benefits differ depending on your role:

Benefits for firm owners

For every person who chooses to get a TaxDome subscription, a firm owner gets two free user-months, and that person receives one free user-month!

Moreover, for every 10 successful referrals, a firm owner receives a $1,000 Amazon gift card, in addition to the user-months listed above.

If you recommend TaxDome to six friends who become paying subscribers, for instance, you’d get twelve free months! You help us grow, and to show our appreciation, we give you your money back.


Note! We add two user-months to your annual subscription. If you have two annual subscriptions, a month is added to each.

Benefits for firm employees/admins

For each new paying TaxDome subscriber, an employee/admin gets a $100 Amazon gift card, and the firm referred to TaxDome receives one free user month added to their license!

This way, for example, an employee who has attracted five new users to TaxDome gets Amazon gift cards worth $500 total!

How to Change Your Referral Link

To change your unique referral link, click Customize link, enter your desired new link ending, then click Save. Even if you change the link, all clicks on the previous one count.

How to Track Your Referral History

Every time someone buys a subscription using your link, you’ll receive an e-mail. Plus, every three months, you’ll get an e-mail with the stats on your referrals.

Also, you can check out the number of your referral link clicks, started trials, and paid referrals in the Summary section by clicking Refer & save on the top right of any page.


Note! The number of clicks is updated once a day, while trials and paid referrals are updated instantly. If you have no clicks/trials/paid referrals no stats on it is displayed.

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