TaxDome Referral Program

You can save on the cost of your license by inviting friends to TaxDome, that's what the referral program stands for.

For every friend that you invite and who chooses to run their practice on TaxDome, you’ll both receive one free user month. For instance, if you recommend TaxDome to six friends who become paying members, you’ll get six free months! You help us grow, while we get to give you money back that would otherwise go to advertising.

To take advantage of TaxDome’s referral program:

1. Email and let us know you’d like to participate in our referral program.

2. We’ll ask you to pick a referral code that will be used in your unique URL. For example,

3. Then, when someone you know is interested in our service, send them the referral link. You can post it on social media or email it to friends, telling them all about us.

4. Whenever anyone visits your URL using the referral link and signs up with TaxDome, it is tracked. As soon as someone switches from the trial period to becoming a paying client, you’ll both receive one free user month. 

Note that we add a user month to the annual license. If you have two annual licenses, 15 days are added to each of them, and so forth.

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