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A time tracker is an essential time management tool that can help you become more organized and efficient. Our intuitive time tracker eliminates the need to use third-party time tracking software to get more things done: it’s already inside your TaxDome account. It will help you get more things done and keep projects on track for all team members.

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Starting a Timer

1. Click on the +NEW button in the Sidebar, select Time Entry, then select the client from the list. You can see the five most recent clients here. If the client you are searching for is not among them, start typing their name, ID or email. You can also change the client’s name right in the time entry creation window.

Please note: If the time entry you’re creating is for a different client than the one you originally chose, you can always specify another in the Track your time window that follows (See how).

2. Add notes to describe what you’re going to work on, then add tags to your time entry. All tags that have been created in the system are available for use here. 

3. Click START A NEW TIMER to begin tracking your time. The timer will be displayed at the top right of your screen. It is shown on all pages and includes your time and the client ID that's in our system.

4. Click on the timer if you need to:

  • Pause it
  • Stop it
  • Delete it

Adding a Time Entry Manually

Recording time entries is possible not only in real-time, but also manually. While time entries in real time can be created only for you, manual time entries can be added for other team members as well. 

To add a time entry manually:

1. Click on the +New button in the Sidebar, select Time Entry, select the client from the list as shown above, then click on ADD ENTRY MANUALLY.

2. The Assignee list shows the name of a current user. To add a time entry for another team member, select their name from the list. 

3. Select the date you or another person were working on a client’s case. By default, the current date is set.

4. Enter the duration or indicate a start and an end time. By default, the start time is set to the current time. 

5. Add notes to describe what task(s) have been done. 

6. Add tags to your time entry. All tags created in the system are available for use here. 

7. Click on SAVE.

Changing a Client's Name During Creating a Time Entry

Usually, you select the client's name before creating a time entry. However, sometimes it is the reverse:

  • If you clicked +NEW button and then selected Time Entry while inside a client’s profile, you probably are looking to create a time entry for that particular client. That’s why the next step will be creating a time entry without the client-selection option. 

  • If you mistakenly selected the wrong client.

You can still choose another client’s name once the Track your time pop-up comes up. Click the client's name at the top of the window. You’ll see a list containing your five most recent clients. If the one you are looking for does not appear there, type their name, ID, or email into the search field. 

Managing Time Entries

All time entries (tracked in real-time or added manually) can be found in Billings under the Time Entries tab. Note that here you can see all time entries for all of the clients that you and your team are working on. In other words, here you can see all time entries that were assigned to all team members working on your clients along with you.

In the time entries list, you’ll find the following information:

  • ID – The client’s unique ID in the system. 
  • NAME – The client for whom the time entry was created. You can click on the client’s name to instantly access their details. 
  • ASSIGNEE – The team member's name to whom the time entry was assigned.
  • DESCRIPTION – A brief description outlining what the team member was working on (if a note was added when the time entry was created).
  • START – The date that the time entry was started.
  • END – The date the time entry was completed. If the time tracker is currently on, the In progress icon is displayed next to it.

  • DURATION – The duration of the time entry.
  • CREATED BY- The name of the team member who added the time entry.
  • TAGS - Tags that were added to entries to help categorize them.

Editing Time Entries

To make changes to the time entry, click on the ellipsis icon in the list, then click on Edit.

Deleting Time Entries

To remove a completed time entry from the system, click on the ellipsis icon, then click on Delete.

To remove a time entry what was not finished yet, click the timer icon at the top right, then click on Delete.

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