Working with Folders

By Dionell Cruz

updated 10 days ago

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Creating Folders

To make managing your documents easier, you can create folders to organize both the documents that your firm has prepared and the source files that have been sent by your clients. Folders you create will automatically be added to a root folder for that tax year.

To create a folder, 

  1. Click the +NEW button on the Sidebar, select Folder, then select the client from the list. You can see the five most recent clients here. If there is no client you are searching for among them, start typing their name, ID or email. You can also change the client’s name right in the folder creation window.

2. Select Folder Destination:

  1. Firm prepared documents for client - visible to the client in the Firm prepared section.
  2. Internal Only Folder - Will not be visible to the client. This is where you can safely store tax files and other internal team-only files.
  3. Upload folder on behalf of the client -  Folder will be created in the 'client uploaded' section; duplicates the function of a client creating the folders themselves. 

3. Enter a name for the folder, then select the year the folder will belong to.

4. Click Create button. 

You can now browse to the created folder and upload files to it. 

You can also create folders while uploading files or editing documents.

1. In the Upload Documents or Edit Documents window, select the appropriate tax year for the folder you wish to create.

2. Click on Folder Name > Create a New Folder.

3. Enter a name for the folder, then click Create.

4. Click Save.

Moving Files to Folders

You can move files that are already stored in the system into folders.

  1. Go to Clients, click on the name of the client, then go to Docs > Client Uploaded, Docs > We prepared, or Docs > Source Files.

2. Click on the ellipsis icon next to the file you wish to move, then click Move.

3. Navigate to the folder you wish to move and then click Move.

You can also access the Move link from the document viewer.

Deleting Folders

To remove a folder from the system:

  1. Click the ellipsis icon next to the folder that you wish to delete, then click Delete

2. Click the Delete button in the File Delete Confirmation pop-up that appears.

Warning! All of the files in a folder will be deleted when you delete a folder.

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