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The folders for each year are automatically created when you select a year during document upload. To make managing your documents easier, you can create additional folders inside each year's folder. They help organize and filter the documents that your firm has prepared, your internal documents, and the source files that have been sent by your clients.

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Creating Folders

Folders can be created on TaxDome in any one of three ways: 

  • By clicking the +New button on the left sidebar.

  • In the pop-up, while uploading files or editing documents. 

  • In a Docs tab, using the sideways ellipsis icon

Creating a Folder Using the +NEW Button

To create a folder from any page: 

  1. Click the +NEW button on the Sidebar, select Folder, then select the client from the list. You can see the five most recent clients here. If there is no client you are searching for among them, start typing their name, ID or email. 

Please note: If the folder you’re creating is for a different client than the one you originally chose, you can always specify another in the Create folder window that follows (See how).

2. Select Folder Destination:

  1. Firm prepared documents for client - visible to the client in the Firm prepared section.
  2. Internal Only Folder - Will not be visible to the client. This is where you can safely store tax files and other internal team-only files.
  3. Upload folder on behalf of the client -  Folder will be created in the 'client uploaded' section; duplicates the function of a client creating the folders themselves. 

3. Enter a name for the folder, then select the year the folder will belong to. You can also select the Unsorted option if you want to sort the documents later.  

4. Click Create button. 

You can now browse to the created folder and upload files to it. 

Creating a Folder While Uploading/Editing Documents

To create a folder while uploading files or editing documents:

1. In the Upload Documents or Edit Documents window, select the appropriate year for the folder you wish to create.

2. Click on Folder Name > Create a New Folder.

3. Enter a name for the folder, then click Create.

4. Click Save.

Creating a Folder from Docs

To create a folder while browsing your client's documents:

1. In the tree view of any of the sub-tabs of the Docs tab, locate a year inside which you would like to create a folder. 

2. Click the sideways ellipsis icon, then click New Folder

3. Enter a name for the folder, then click Create.

Please note that you can also create a sub-folder in any folder this way. 

Changing a Client's Name During Creating a Folder

Usually, you select the client's name before creating a folder. However, sometimes it is the reverse:

  • If you clicked +NEW button and then selected Folder while inside a client’s profile, you probably are looking to create a folder for that particular client. That’s why the next step will be creating a folder without the client-selection option. 

  • If you mistakenly selected the wrong client.

You can still choose another client’s name once the Create folder pop-up comes up. Click the client's name at the top of the window. You’ll see a list containing your five most recent clients. If the one you are looking for does not appear there, type their name, ID, or email into the search field. 

Moving Files to Folders

You can move files that are already stored in the system into folders.

1. Go to Clients, click on the name of the client, then go to Docs > Client Uploaded, Docs > We prepared, or Docs > Source Files.

2. Click on the ellipsis icon next to the file you wish to move, then click Move.

3. Navigate to the folder you wish to move and then click Move.

You can also access the Move link from the document viewer.

Searching For a Folder

To search for a folder, type all or part of the folder’s title into the search field, then click Enter.

The document list will be narrowed to your specified parameters. Click the cross icon in the Search field to clear the search.

Deleting a Folder

To remove a folder from the system:

1. Select the checkbox next to the required folder(s), then click the Delete Selected button. 

2. Check the list of files and folders that will be deleted, then click the Delete button in the Document Delete Confirmation pop-up that appears.

Warning! All of the files in a folder will be deleted when you delete a folder.

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