🤝Team Management: Onboarding Checklist

Learn all the important steps to follow when adding team members to TaxDome.


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Invite Your Team & Manage Their TaxDome Access Rights

Recommended steps: Do this right away!

1. Be aware of the different access rights an owner, admin and regular team member have. It’s up to you, the owner of the firm, to decide what each team member should have access to and be able to work on. Set up access rights when you register each team member. Once you do, these still can be changed at any time.

2. Add team members to TaxDome as users. Select an annual or monthly subscriptions for each team member. Then, depending on their responsibilities, give them the access rights they need. 

3. Make sure you thoroughly understand account access. Team members are limited in what they can do on TaxDome until they have access to client accounts. You can give them access to only specific accounts or to all accounts. Or they can have access to accounts only when they’re assigned to specific tasks.

4. Assign team members to multiple clients at once. If you want a team member to work only on a selected group of clients, you can select the accounts, then assign them with a click. 

Optional steps: There are lots more great features you’ll want to explore:

  • Set up default account access. This means that selected team members will have automatic access to all new accounts created manually or by clients registering on their own.

Organize Your Team Inside Workflow

Recommended steps: Do this right away!

1. Make pipelines available to your team members. Team members need to be added to pipelines to have access to them. Even if a job for a team member’s assigned account is added to a pipeline, they will not have access to it until you edit the pipeline to include them.

2. Manage your jobs effectively by having job assignees. Having job assignees helps you see who is responsible for a specific job and also allows you to filter by assignee. 

    Optional steps: We offer lots more great features you’ll want to explore.

  • Give team members automatic temporary access to accounts. Automate updating account access, such as with seasonal team members who require limited access to accounts. For instance, they may need to have access only to documents uploaded to accounts during specific stages of the work process.

Tip: Check out TaxDome Academy to find comprehensive courses on effective team management.

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